Your Phone Can Be Hacked: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Technology has both its advantages and downsides. When every second person owns a smartphone nowadays, ensuring the privacy and security of their phones has become a top concern. One random or wrong click and the hackers can hack your smartphone, stealing the essential details it contains. From the public to the VIP, phone hacking has become a common headache, and software companies are relentlessly upgrading their services as some upgrades can improve the safety of your smartphone. Most of the time, our smartphones are like the open book of our valuable information, losing what can make us victimized, right? Your phone gets vulnerable to losing the details when you get trapped by the scammers. The fraudsters are frequently updating and changing their ways of defrauding people. There is running a trend of some common online scams that are making users lose their private and financial details. Be careful, gather knowledge about how to get rid of a hacker on my phone, and ensure your phone is protected from the cybercriminals!

How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

Anyone would feel to be robbed when he notices his smartphone has been hacked, right? To keep your phone and yourself safe, you must adopt necessary ways before it gets too late, and you end up handing over your valuable details to the hackers! Let’s check how you can keep your phone out of the heinous reach of cybercriminals.

Update the Applications

Yes, updating the applications of your phone soon after they get released is significant to keep the hackers away from the cell phones. Well, we know, app updates are tedious, and they make a lot of changes to the interface. But when software gets updated, it ensures better security and bug fixing, shielding your data from interruptions and breaches. Thus it becomes difficult for hackers to break your security. 

Avoid Free Wi-Fi

Well, we all love to use free Wi-Fi in the malls, coffee shops, or airports, right? But do you know connecting to public Wi-Fi makes your device vulnerable to losing your privacy? In fact, they are the hub of all online scams! Never use the free Wi-Fi and keep your Wi-Fi connection off in public places. If needed, you can either use the cell connection of your device or even use an authorized VPN service. 

Be Attentive While Installing Apps

Have you ever thought you are granting applications to enter some of the features of your phone while installing them? You may need to install a specific app, and after it gets installed, it asks you for permission to access your storage, camera, files, or the microphone. Think twice carefully before you approve the permission request as they can potentially be harmful and steal your information. Android users are more vulnerable to the malicious apps than IOS users as the app-vetting scheme of Google is not as updated as Apple, and many harmful apps keep staying on the play store for a long time.

It’s even more dangerous to install apps from a third-party source, though android allows it. When you download any app from a third-party store, you are more likely to be victimized by malicious service, and your phone faces the risk of getting hacked!

Review What Your Phone Already Has

You may have installed all essential applications in your phone that don’t seem malicious, but sometimes the updates they go through make them sinister! So, it’s always better to keep checking the permissions you have given the apps to keep your smartphone away from the hackers. It may seem easy to verify the privacy concerns on IOS, but for Android phones, you can use authorized security applications. These apps immediately notify you if you install any malicious apps or enter any phishing site from your device. 

Keep Your Phone Number Private

Never add your number on any service before verifying that the app is verified. You can face online frauds and SMS intrusions if your private number gets circulated in many places! Instead of adding your number, you can use a second line to it. You may guard your number and secure the cell phone from the hackers by using the ‘Google Voice’ service either!

Keep Your Data Protected in a Stolen Phone

Keep the data stored in the smartphone secure even if you lose it somehow! You can enable the feature to erase all the details you have saved on the phone by itself once it faces several failed attempts to enter its password. If you don’t want to use this service, you can also enable the ‘find my device‘ option and know the exact presence of the device on the map. Thus you can lock or trace the device if someone steals it. 

Never Enable Auto-login

Have you enabled auto-login to the online services you use? Well, it seems convenient as typing the password every time seems a mammoth task! But have you ever thought you have opened up a way for an invader to get entry to your online accounts only by opening the browser? So, you should never enable auto-login to your essential, especially financial services. Again, never use a single password for several apps as once the hacker gets this password, he can use it to open other apps and steal your sensitive details also, that you would never want.

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