8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Facebook Ads

Today, when we go back 15-20 years, no one could have guessed that a social network like Facebook would be so useful. It all started with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg creating a network to connect with his college colleagues and look at Facebook today!

Among other social networks, Facebook is still one of the most popular networks when it comes to marketing. The main reason for this is that Facebook gives you the opportunity to find entertainment and connect with people around the world.

Here are eight reasons why it’s good for your business to advertise on Facebook.

8 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can help you grow your business

1) Facebook Is Free And Your Audience Is Using It 

Wherever we are, we can connect to the world via the Internet (GPRS or WiFi). This is also the case with Facebook. Even in third-world countries, the internet became a common thing nowadays. This means that people from all parts of the world are using Facebook, and you can reach them by using Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, a Facebook user only needs to create an account, so you can reach them, and creating a Facebook account is free of charge. 

2) Facebook Ad Campaigns Are Cost-Effective

We all know that time is money. We know very well that nowadays, digital marketing brings much success to companies around the world. If you are a small business owner, intending to expand, Facebook is a perfect choice to grow your brand. You can decide how much you want to invest in marketing, and sometimes if you put in a little effort, you can do an outstanding marketing job for a little money. 

3) Targeting Options Are Amazing

The reason for this advantage over other sites is that Facebook has various advertising formats. For example, if you sell cars, the male population will surely want to see an advertisement for a car that has just come out. And you can use Facebook Ads to target the male population interested in cars. Isn’t that great or what?!

Specifically, you can choose between Awareness (Brand awareness and reach), Consideration (Traffic, engagement, lead generation, etc.), and other types of campaigns to promote your brand or product.

5) You Can Get A Great ROI

You need to invest in order to profit. This is the case with Facebook Ads as well. With a little effort and money, you can get a great return on investment (ROI).

We must also mention that Facebook is much cheaper than other ways of advertising (newspapers, radio, TV). So for less money, you get a lot more.

If you’re willing to spend just $30 a month advertising on Facebook, you’re in the game for a lot of people to hear about your business. The more you invest, the more people will know about what your business has to offer.

6) Video ads

Video content is very popular

Video Ads have a higher conversion rate than any other ad format. This comes as no surprise, as according to Social Media companies in Dubai, videos are the number one type of content Social Media users are interacting with. That is also the reason why TV commercials are still “alive” today. A good video ad is half the product sold. 

7) CTA Button Works Great

Some things do not need to be changed. This is the case with the CTA button.

For example, if a potential customer likes your ad and wants to learn more about your brand, he would like to click somewhere and end up in a place where he can learn more (your website). This is where the CTA button comes in, as this is one of the CTA button’s options.

Furthermore, the CTA button comes with other options such as book now, contact us, register, and many others.

8) Facebook Offers Retargeting

You may not have hit the target audience. No problem. You can try again.

However, suppose a potential customer has heard for you and visited your website. In that case, they are already partially familiar with your company, and the best part is that they are “caught” in your Facebook pixel

But what does it mean? – you might ask.

Let’s just say that with Facebook Ads, you can specifically target people who already visited your Facebook page recently, which means they are more likely to convert.


Social Media marketing includes activities on various platforms, but Facebook is definitely the best when it comes to “warming-up” your target audience.

Just imagine that someone was looking exactly for a product or service you have to offer, but they haven’t heard of you for some reason. Don’t let that reason be that your brand didn’t post on Facebook!

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