Wireline Defined: 5 Wireline Services Associated it!

Wireline is a cabling technology that is used in the oil and gas industries for well intervention, pipe recovery and reservoir evaluation. Wireline also includes many associated tools like slickline and wireline to do work over and logging. It is also called as an electrical cable, which is used lower down the tools and helps in transmitting data associated with the wellbore known as wireline logs. On the other hand, slackline refers to a thin cable, which is inserted into the well to deliver and to retrieve tools.

Wireline consists of braided cables and is used to perform wireline logging like evaluation, pipe recovery, evaluation, well intervention and maintenance. These braided cables also contain electrical cables that are used to check the good bore’s condition, and the data is received get logged into the wireline logs.

Wireline tools, with specifically designed equipment for the well, are used to on the wireline. These tools help in bringing any equipment up and down, and in and out of the wellbore. These tools also help in:

  • Measuring pore size and its information
  • Evaluating the rock’s properties
  • Determining the location of casting collars
  • In recovering samples
  • And, in the formation of pressure gathering

Some of the services related to wireline are:


Perforation is a combination of new hardware with the advanced software modeling tools to enable ultralong and heavy wireline perforating jobs in both land operations and offshore. Using this technique instead of traditional techniques help in improving efficiency thereby reducing the rig time and cost.

Cased hole logging services used with the perforation offers the real-time depts control and selectivity by minimizing the logistics as compared with the deployment on the tubing.

Pressure Control Equipment:

This equipment help in maintaining the optimal pressure level in the wellbore when the operator performs well-intrusion operations. Some pressure control equipment used in well intervention are:

  • Dual wireline valve
  • Control head
  • Wellhead flange
  • Manual wireline valve
  • Coiled tubing pressure control equipment
  • Hand unions
  • Stuffing box and more


Leveraging the high strength and pulling power of the heavy-duty fishing unit is what eFishing is all about. Efishing includes using power-assisted jars, heavy-duty pulling tools, releasable overshoots, releasable spears and more to minimize the downtime of the well. Wireline fishing or efishing is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks.

Slickline And Braiding:

Slickline is a thin steel wire that runs swiftly on tools like gauges, plugs, and valves in the string. The main purpose of the slickline is to move its operational tools to the wellbore for maintaining and repairing wells. These tools are also used to run shifting tools to open and close the sleeves of slickline associated tools. Make use of the latest technology of construction and know the diameter of the slackline and make use of it!

Wireline Cutter:

A wireline cutter is a cutting tool that is used to cut the slackline that is using the tool string. The tool that is cut is often the one that is jammed on the bore or get stuck in it. Wireline tool revolves on its axis to help smooth cutting and to make cutting accessible for the worker. These tools help in chopping the slackline and braided wires, thereby causing no harm to the downhole equipment and the other type of casing. The wireline cutter often used for cutting the struck tool along the slackline and don’t do any harm to the surrounding areas.

Also, you cannot use them for performing cutting operations against the tubing. Since these tools are retrievable, they are very easy to use and offer smooth operation.

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