How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card?

SD card is one of the most common storage medium used today all around the world for storing photos. Memory cards come in various types such as micro SD, mini SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, MMC etc. These are used in cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, tablets & many other devices. Being really compact in size and easily portable, these are the prime medium for storing photos safely. You can lose the files on a memory card in various scenarios such as accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks, card corruption, physical damage, bad sectors and on being pulled out wrongly. So, now the question here is how to recover deleted photos from SD card.

Recovery From Memory Card

Deleted photos can be retrieved from a card only with the help of specific software offering right features and functionality. Data recovery software is specifically designed to fetch back the deleted, formatted or corrupted photos from an SD card in the easiest way possible. There is a high success rate when retrieving photos as the programming of these applications is quite powerful and high yielding. To ensure a better success rate, you need to stop using or accessing the card until the recovery is performed.

How Does This Work?

The process is quite simple and easy to understand for any computer user as the steps are pretty straightforward. Here we will take the example of Recovery to understand the process better. Following are the steps to be followed:

1. Firstly, you need to download and install the professional version for recovering from cards. Then, you need to insert the card directly in the computer card reader or through an external card reading device. This will display your card connected in the computer for you to access.

2. Then you need to select the ‘external devices recovery’ mode. This will help you scan and retrieve data from an external storage device and in this case, from the memory card.

3. After that, you need to select your memory card and then click on the ‘scan’ to start the scanning process. It will take some time depending upon the storage capacity and the number of photos being scanned.

4. When the scan is completed, you will be shown with the results and to check for the preferred photos you can use the preview option. When you click on preview, you will be able to see the photograph and if you want it then you can retrieve it. After selecting all the desired files, you need to click on recover to get those back in your computer device.

Retrieval From Corrupted Card

In case the memory card you were using to store the images become corrupted, then you can choose any of the following ways. Firstly, you will need to insert the card reader into the computer and then:

1. You can open the command prompt by click on ‘start’ and then ‘cmd’. After that you need to type one of the following commands “chkdsk /X /f SD card letter:” or “chkdsk SD card letter: /f “. This will fix the card without the need to format.

2. Secondly, you can delete the drivers of your SD card by opening the device manager and then right clicking on the disk drives. Then you need to click ‘uninstall’ and restart your computer. When you re-insert the card again on the computer, drivers will be installed automatically, fixing the issue.

3. Reassigning the drive letter to the card can also help fix the issue. For this, you will need to assign a new drive letter to the card, for example, change ‘Drive: E’ to ‘Drive: F’.

4. Formatting is always a great option if you have already created a backup or after you have completed data recovery from the corrupted memory card. You just need to right click and then choose ‘format’ to complete this process.

5. Removing bad sectors is also a great way to deal with a corrupt card.


So, this was everything you need to know about recovering photographs from any memory card type. With the right software & features, you can easily get the lost data back. Always check for the compatibility and characteristics before choosing a recovery tool.

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