Why Try New Things in the Kitchen?

Every once in a while, why not take a step back from routine and try something new? But before you raise an eyebrow, we’re not suggesting you to try something as extreme as sky-diving immediately. 

We are so used in our predictable habits that the thought of doing something different is almost funny. But trying new things is not just about taking extreme activities. Sometimes, you can also find the same excitement at your own home.

Booking a trip to a safari is not easy at the moment, and some people would rather lounge in comfortable clothes inside their house. But have you ever thought of other things to do besides binge-watching a baking cook-off? 

In fact, your humble kitchen might actually surprise you when it comes to breaking habits. Cooking routines become so easy and familiar that we just treat it as a boring task for the day. You cook and eat familiar foods that you forgot that it’s possible to have exciting gastronomic experiences in the comfort of your own home. 

For Self-Improvement

You might be questioning if something as simple as cooking can actually help you discover yourself. But the truth is, we’re so used to simple kitchen routines that we forget how dynamic cooking actually is. 

When was the last time that you got curious about doing a recipe you can barely pronounce? Or what if you try something unconventional from typical cooking methods just like this? You saw a chef using sous vide to make a mouth-watering steak, but immediately shrugged the idea of doing it yourself because it seems difficult. So you went with your usual pan-fried steak because it’s safer and has less room for error.

Next time these doubts come in mind, try doubting them back. Instead of immediately going to “it’s not going to be successful,” why not convince this voice with an opposite outcome. Think, “But what if I do it perfectly the first time? I’ve used a vacuum sealer before!”

You may fail, but you may also do it correctly the first time. Regardless, you will only know your capacity if you try doing things out of your comfort zone. Besides, it’s a very liberating feeling to know that you have this skill inside you all along. And next time you’re inviting friends over for dinner, you can impress them with this new cooking technique. 

Trying new cooking techniques in the kitchen will force you to grow and develop new skills. For example, why not spice your breakfast routine a little and make poached eggs instead of scramble? These suggestions might seem funny, but every once in a while, meals will get boring. There’s really no harm in trying, and even if you fail, it’s still not a loss. Over time, you will be able to polish these new skills as you discover a part of you that’s more than just a basic cook. 

Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

When you try new things in the kitchen, you are challenging your mind to come up with new techniques. For example, instead of following a certain recipe, you can try and experiment to recreate your own. Modify the ingredients, shorten or lengthen the cooking duration, or even use a different cookware for it. 

If you follow your imagination, it will open opportunities for you to express yourself. Let’s say you both have an Italian and Greek background. Maybe you can create a fusion of two dishes from these cultures. Not only you’ll get more in touch with your roots, but you will also appreciate the flavors and signatures of the two cuisines. 

Another thing that you can do is when grocery shopping, add some items that you don’t normally use when cooking. Of course, this can be risky, especially when you find out that you don’t actually like the flavor of that weird-looking fish. But nonetheless, you can use your other cooking knowledge to “play” with the recipe. Perhaps a dash of lime will elevate the fish’s flavor or maybe you’ll find out that it tastes better when grilled. 

The world of cooking has so many opportunities for you to try and experiment with. You don’t have to create unconventional dishes every day. But when you have the time, let your imagination take you to new dishes that you might even love for typical days.

Makes You More Adept

Trying new things allows you to learn more skills. And the more skilled you are, the more in-demand you’ll be in the real world. Depending on your job, having additional skills in the kitchen can be useful. If not, food business can also be a lucrative side hustle. Food business doesn’t always mean Michelin star restaurants. Sometimes, as simple as home-baked cookies as gift ideas is an effective way of earning extra income.

But other than the commercial advantage, learning new cooking techniques and recipes is going to be useful in real life as well. Let’s say one day you run out of an ingredient, since you have practiced before on a similar dish, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with a solution. 

A Source of Relaxation

Lastly, trying new things in the kitchen is a stress-reliever and a source of relaxation. Yes, there is excitement and rush from getting out of routine. However, doing so also distracts you from mundane habits.

Learn to unstuck yourself every once in a while. It’s given that we may have to stick to some habits for functionality and practicality. However, in order to enjoy life, you have to expand your horizons; even if it’s just by trying new things in your kitchen.

If you end up getting bored from the predictability, it can also affect your outlook on other things in life. Why bother trying yoga if you’re eating a boring mayo sandwich anyway? You can try new healthy recipes and be mindful of each step. Recognize the taste and smell of each new ingredient and let go of the external stressors. 

At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised how cooking can be therapeutic for the mind. Something as simple as chopping veggies and discovering how unusual fruits look on the inside can distract you from the stress of the daily tasks. 

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