Where To Find Affordable Clothing and Accessories

For some people, nothing sounds better than a day spent shopping for new clothes. For others, updating your wardrobe can feel like more of a hassle than a treat. After all, you want to make a great choice not only for your style but for your wallet. With so many luxury brands and expensive fashions on the market, it can be hard to make smart, sustainable choices that not only help you look good but feel good too.

Whether you’re looking for a durable timepiece, jewelry, or casual dresses, there are ways you can save money and still access the fashions that help you express yourself. For reliability, sustainability, and affordability, here’s what you should know.

Plan a trip to the nearest outlet stores.


While it may seem like a no-brainer to some, not everyone has immediate access to outlet stores. Plus, these shopping centers are often on the edge of metro areas, which may not be as accessible via public transit. However, if you have access to a car or ridesharing service, it’s a bright idea to round up a friend or two and plan a day trip to your nearest outlet mall. Many outlet malls carry top brands, including watchmakers like Rolex, Seiko, and Tissot. They’re also an excellent resource for fashion outlets where you can find affordable casual dress styles, hoodies, and sweaters to match your silhouette. With a bit of exploring, you can find some great deals.

Shop online to find the best watch prices.

Whether you need a dive watch with mechanical movement or a Casio with a stainless steel case, you don’t have to shell out thousands to get your hands on a high-quality timepiece. In most cases, there are affordable watches and jewelry to fit any price point.

Before you go shopping, set your price range. For some, you may be looking for the best watches under $500. For others, that budget might look bigger or smaller, depending on features and accessories. For example, if your timepiece has a finer bezel, quartz movement dials, and date window options, it may cost more than an entry-level automatic watch. Once you’ve set your budget, you can start to look for a great watch within that price range.

Try to go thrifting when you’re able.


Thrift stores are always clever ways to save a few bucks on clothing and accessories. In addition, many thrift shops carry seasonal finds, decor, and media items, so you can get your hands on plenty of gently used goods within your price range. So even if you’re not looking for a great watch with a leather strap or a casual dress, you may still be able to find thrifted winter jackets, Maxi dresses, and footwear.

Of course, a thrift store’s contents can vary greatly depending on a piece’s previous wearer and what’s in season. One store might have higher standards for the clothing and jewelry they do or don’t accept. Before you visit any thrift store, it’s a good idea to research the business ahead of time. For starters, look into their donation standards. Some stores opt not to accept specific items and merchandise due to health or safety concerns. Also, look for brands that redirect their proceeds back into the community. Many thrift and consignment stores work with local organizations and non-profits to hold community events and gatherings. It’s always helpful to put your money back into your environment.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated dress watch at a reasonable price or you want to buy new tees and puff-sleeve jackets without spending your entire paycheck, there are resources available that can help keep you clothed and comfortable all year long.

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