From wheel to Smart-lens, the journey

First there was the wheel, then man developed to ways to produce own food, then he found out ways to communicate more efficiently, and then he invented mobiles, after that he took an extra step and developed smartphones. Then he thought why couldn’t he make Smartwatches and now ultimately he wonders “what if there were ‘smart-contact lenses”?

This is exactly what is happening as Swiss drug maker Novartis has struck an agreement with Google to develop “smart” contact lenses that would help diabetics to track their blood glucose levels or restore the eye’s ability to focus.

The exact working of this device hasn’t been revealed but for an easier understanding of what the lens actually is, it has been stated that the device for diabetics would measure glucose in fluids from the tear duct and send the complete data wirelessly to a mobile device, preferably a smartphone Novartis said. Truth be told then this technology is potentially life-changing for many diabetics, who prick their fingers as many as 10 times daily to check their body’s production of the sugar.

So what shall these lenses be made of exactly? Well apart from the material used to make lenses, Non-invasive sensors, microchips and other miniaturized electronics would be embedded along with it.

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