Ways To Propose Your Crush On Social Platforms, This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine is round the corner, many guys are eager to propose their crush on this Valentine’s Day but the panic is that how would you do it but don’t worry it is not as difficult as to crack a CAT exam.

Nowadays social media is the biggest trend and we are using them on our daily life in order to make interaction with our friends, colleagues, family and our crush as well. In fact, we are getting obsessed with social sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber and there is also one truth is that most of us tries to use these kind of services to find or to make interaction with our first crush because facebook has been used by almost everyone whether it is your first crush in 4th standard or your college crush, all are available in one platform. And if you have a contact number of either of them, so it will work amazing to you as whats app is the true medium of genuine conversations.

If I had to propose to my crush on Valentine’s day so here how would I do it in different ways. Hope you guys will take some ideas and motivation from my techniques of proposing your crush on this valentine.

Go On Facebook and Reveal Yourself To Her

Sometimes it is not a smart way to propose a girl directly by saying her that “I love you” that sound little stupid too but some occasions makes simplistic things more beautiful and that’s why Facebook is the platform which has been used by multiple boys and girls to ask their crush on first date.

Record a romantic song and send audio to him/her via whats app

Yes that is best thing to do and a gentle way of proposing your crush on this valentine as well. Although you are a bad singer but it doesn’t matter to her what matter is the feelings that you have for her. So I would say it would be great to record a romantic song in your phone and send her the audio file of your song to her with the help of Whats App which will definitely works to approach your crush to come on a first date with you on this Valentine’s day.

Tweet Your Feelings To Her

I know it sounds little weird to reveal yourself to your crush on this valentine on Twitter because it is too open area to express such personal things but don’t worry you can express yourself freely to your crush with a romantic tweet and it will not become a controversy unless you are not a public figure or celebrity.

Send Her Message On Pinterest

As we all know that Pinterest is the most innovative social media platform to pin the images and to promote web contents but it has another side, as site is widely used to showcase the feelings in form of images and this wonder social site also allows you to send the direct message to your friend and it would be great if you will send the proposal message to your crush along with making your pin board more attractive by having romantic images in it. As more the innovative way, more better your chances and definitely these tactics will stimulate your crush to go for a first date with you.

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