Why You Would Prefer Chat Over a Phone Call For Online Classifieds Purposes

As we all know that online classifieds portals are becoming more trendy in various countries as it is the great way to sell your used products at good price and eventually it goes valuable for both buyer as well as seller.

And in country like India, online classified portals are emerging sites and has been used by millions of people in India to sell their used product on such classified portals. We have seen a tremendous growth of online classified industry in India in past 4 years with the arrival for brands such as Quikr.

As far as my thoughts are concerned on these portals, they are no less than any online retailer site as they allows you to buy or sell diversified range of products whether it is mobile or a car and bike. According to my assumptions, craze of these online classifieds portals has been significantly increased with the arrival of mobile app ecosystem and these sites also offers their customize app of their site so that you can directly buy or sell any household product or vehicle directly from your smartphone and this how, it becomes ease of buying and selling products on online classified portals.

But here I would like to put some flaws of whole system that has been offered by these online portals is that if you are seller then you are required to enter your contact number in their system in order to interact with the potential buyer, one who will purchase your product and this creates lots of problems because you are selling a used product which might have some damages or may be not in as good condition as newly product be so buyer will naturally call you to ask you about details, condition, specs of the product that you are selling to him and eventually buyer won’t get full satisfaction in many cases and similarly, seller is also messed while receiving dozens of calls from different buyers and sometimes it goes annoying for both parties.

So here Quikr, one of the leading online classified portal of India is came out with the solution of involving your calling activities in buying and selling process and now they’ve found a perfect substitute of phone call in order to interact with buyer as seller and you can now do this via chat.

Here I would like to acknowledge you the 3 reasons why you would go for chat over a phone call:

Protect Your Privacy 

Yes you heard this right, If you will opt for chat option rather than going for phone call then it will definitely going to protect your privacy in various ways because interacting with your potential buyer or seller means you will going to receive call anytime whether you are bathing, sleeping, or doing any important work so irrespective of all these, you would have to compromise such personal activities and will have to receive call from the party in order to crack the deal of buying or selling the product. And this theory is applicable to both whether it is a seller, who is getting call from multiple buyers or a buyer, who is getting calls from his seller to meet him in order to get the product finally. So  the medium of chat for interaction is really secure and protect your privacy in various aspects.

Enable You To Share Sneak Peek of Product 

Now this is the most vital element of using chat medium instead of phone call for interacting with buyers because a buyer always ask for a possible view of product that he or she is going to buy from the seller and in these cases, seller is failed to perform the particular task over a phone call and reasons, he makes hypothetical impressions of his or her product to their buyers and similarly, buyers also makes a false impression of the product that he will going to buy. Eventually it hinder the deal to go into the conclusion part and neither buyer get the product nor a seller sold the product and it result in wastage of time. So here using a chat is smart medium of communication with buyer or seller because you’ll have the option to share the photo of your product from different angles to your buyer so he could make a final decision of buying a product or not.

Allows You To Keep Eyes on Chat History 

Last but no the least, if you will go for a chat medium for connect with your buyer then you have a very big advantage of keeping your eye on record of people to whom you are chatting with and this particular point i am describing is essential for a seller who is participating in online classified portals like Quikr in order to sell his product because seller has to attend calls from different buyers and many of those buyers, contact these sellers for useless reason or just for getting round check of these products without the intention of buying them. So medium of chat allows seller to not to get confused with new buyer and old one to whom, he contacted in past.

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