Use The Winning Formula To Get Fame and Fortune on Spotify

Any music artist would view Spotify as a launching pad from where companies can take notice. The constant exposure and songs becoming hit with organic listeners and pushing itself towards subscribers are the main objective.

This may not work in all situations and for all artists as Spotify, which is home to more than 1 million artists and 50 million songs, is quite selective and its algorithms know which works to feature selectively.

Artists are afraid of losing revenue and their popularity with listeners, they do take the support of service providers to buy Spotify playlist followers.  This approach is recommended only when one uses this method for a short time and secondly, purchase it from legitimate sources.  The danger is that there are high chances that Spotify identifies and pinpoints streams with bots and without doubt, they take disciplinary actions like imposing penalties and even backlisting the artist.

No artist can escape the data analytics of Spotify and if Spotify wants, then they can pull out all the data and identify the unreal followers. They are one step ahead of any artist and even if any music artist’s intentions are good and not to cheat or fraud, the ultimate result is that more than any gains from bots, there is a risk of professional setbacks. The benchmark for all the platforms other than Spotify remains the same when it comes to listening and rankings. 

On the other hand, natural placements on fans playlists increase popularity and set the stage for organic growth. This leads to more revenues and royalties in the long run. Therefore, to negotiate with Spotify successfully, artist leverage must be driven by real data. The statistics reveal that the artist’s songs are making waves and resonating with fans. This will provide them an opportunity to feature in Spotify playlists and reach out to the stakeholders for that career opportunity which many music artists aspire for.

Go for professional agencies

Taking the help of professional agencies like Jaynike will ensure that you are not flagged by Spotify. The reason is that such agencies provide Spotify playlist followers from real people. There is no use of bots or fake followers. The process of acquiring new followers is done naturally and as per the terms and conditions laid down by Spotify.

Professionally managed companies who deal with promoting music and manages blogs for music marketing are the ones to go for. They have a vast network of music influencers and fans and their rankings will tell a lot about the quality of service they are providing.  They promote your music naturally and organically to real people who are interested in music. They are experts in placing your tracks on those playlists where there are real listeners and plenty of activity. This is a genuine way of gaining more fans and followers.  This might take a little more time but it is worth it. There is no point in getting additions of thousands of followers overnight which can stand out to the authorities for being fake. 

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