Use Elements of Web Design To Create a Professional and Attractive Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is a social media platform that is known for its easy user-interface. It helps you to promote and market your business to the targeted audience visually. Instagram users focus on videos and images to showcase their latest range of products and services.  

If you use Instagram for your business, you must focus on incorporating the perfect web design for it. Instagram performs better for your business if you hire a professional web designer and make a few adjustments that will go the extra mile in marketing and promote your products to your desired targeted audience.

Social media and web design – the perfect combo

Social media and web design should go hand in hand if you are trying to establish your web presence in the market. Instagram is a visual platform and uses hashtags to categorize posts. You can create a hashtag feed in your posts on Instagram so that you reach out to a wider audience in the market. The hashtag feed should be chosen wisely, and the photos that you post in this feed must be relevant to the niche you conduct business in.

Remember that the images and the videos you post should be high in quality however at the same time, their layout matters as well.  You should ensure that these images are of the perfect size and resolution so that your visitors can get the aesthetic appeal when they visit your page for information.  

Instagram and web design should be blended so that you can increase brand awareness and increase followers for Instagram. One good way of showcasing your images in a single layout is via thumbnails. You can create a layout of thumbnails, and when the visitor clicks on them, he or she will get a full-size picture of the product with a direct link to the website where purchases can be made. Visitors are happy when they can navigate your Page and get immediate access to the information they are looking for. By helping them, you can even turn followers into loyal customers as well.  

Anatomy of the ideal bio

Your Instagram bio is the ideal place where you can place a link to your homepage or landing page. This also helps visitors to get instant access to your page and understand your business better. Always insert a call to action link so that you get the visitor doing the desired action. However, using popular keywords or relevant hashtags in the bio is optional as they are not highlighted in search engine results.

Keep in mind the fact that a professionally designed Instagram page will help you convert visitors into loyal customers and this goes a very long way to establish your business and brand. Bank on web designers that have years of valuable experience in the field so that you can get a professionally designed Instagram Page that invokes trust and confidence in the visitor to buy products from you. Also, use social media buttons in your email signature so that your current customers also get insight into the latest launch or range of products your business has on the market today!

Author Bio: Josh Graham is a web designer and online digital marketer who says web design and Instagram go hand in hand when you are looking for more followers for Instagram and better web presence online.

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