Twelve Ways to Build a Remarkable About Us Page

Win trust and generate interest among prospective clients and investors by building a phenomenal ‘About’ page. The ‘About’ section of your website should be attractive, interesting and convincing. It must reflect who you are, where you began, what you intend to achieve and how you can bring value to your clients.

Going by the current trends, most people do visit a company’s ‘About’ page, and it is especially true if the business is new and small. Therefore, investing some time on it during website development will certainly be helpful to your business.

We share some valuable tips on building a solid introductory page about you or your business. Here they are:

1. Adopt a Warm Tone that Establishes Connection

One of the most important purposes of having a web presence is to create a bond between the customer and your business. Make an ‘About Us’ page that lives up to this purpose through a friendly tone. Paste a nice picture of yours, but make yourself appear human and not like a robot doing business.

2. Tell a Short and Interesting Story about How You Reached There

What prompted the decision to build the business you are doing? Where did you start? What inspires you in your journey? – Answer these questions through a beautiful story on the ‘About’ page.

3. First Person versus Third Person

For most small businesses or individual professionals, writing in the first person is great practice; but if your firm is relatively traditional or demands a formal tone, you may talk in a third person voice too.

4. Write What You Can Do for Your Customers

Instead of giving long, detailed descriptions of your work, say how you can help your customers through your services or products. Explain to them why they must choose you over any of your competitors, for example, if you are giving a cost advantage that your rival businesses are not, mention it right on the ‘About’ page.

5. Briefly Explain Your Vision

What do you seek to achieve in the short term and long term? Write a few short lines about how you envision your company in future. This will not only help clients relate to you, but will also help build investors’ trust.

6. Your Greatest Motivators

Be genuine and relatable in saying what motivates you to keep going in your venture. For instance, writing about customer satisfaction being of primary importance to you, will have a very positive psychological effect on the readers.

7. Put up Pictures and Short Descriptions about the Wonderful People that Make Your Team

In the current day, the onus of making businesses successful is majorly on the individual skills and efforts of the people. Give your team due credit by acknowledging how important they are. This will also make you look good as an employer to prospective employees.

8. Provide Links to Your Best Offerings

In a natural and conversational way, prompt your readers to go see your best work through links on the ‘About’ page.

9. Place Customer Testimonials on the ‘About’ Page

If you have some really good reviews from your customers, place them on your home page as well as the ‘About’ page, and we sure don’t need to tell you why!

10. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization by Using Keywords

A subtle use of keywords is a technical requirement to direct search engine traffic to your website. Consult your web design or analytics team to help you find the correct keywords.

11. Put Up an Indented Listing of Your About Page

An indented listing is the listing on Google of your intended secondary page right after listing your home page. Let the ‘About’ page be the secondary page here so as to direct traffic straight to it.

12. Build internal links

Paste links to your contact information, social media pages, and other pages of importance.

Go creative in creating this very important page for your website. Say limited but interesting stuff that engages customers. Break some rules. And do pay sufficient attention to the design.

Hope that gives you a brilliant ‘About’ page to flaunt!


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