Phone Locator To Track Your Children On The Go

It is a very common practice amongst teenagers to sneak out from their homes and end up partying at night clubs at tender age. Parents cannot go ahead with never letting the kids spend night at their friend’s home because they fear that their teenage children might end up in clubs. Another scenario is that your child learns to bunk school and you stay completely unaware about it. In worst case scenario, your child might get kidnapped and you stay clueless about it thinking he might not be picking your call because he was busy studying. The wisest solution is to use a phone locator and stay safe form all such scenarios.

StealthGenie Is For Those Who Love Their Kids:

StealthGenie is the finest app for all those who care about their children and feel responsibility of their best grooming and brought up. It gives you access to all their IM chats, Text messages, Emails and multimedia messages. You can even listen to their call recordings and have a clear view of what exactly is going on in your child’s life. The only reason you should be monitoring their smartphone activities is that they spend almost entire day on it. So, monitoring their smartphone lets you know all about their activities.

Location Tracking With StealthGenie:

It definitely concerns you if your child delays in replying to your messages and doesn’t pick your call. If you are using this phone locator then you can easily log in to your online StealthGenie control panel and get to know about their location. StealthGenie provides you location history including the travel route map. Furthermore, you can also go ahead with marking ‘safe’ and ‘restricted’ areas on the map.  This will help you instantly find out if your child enters a restricted area or leaves a safe area.

StealthGenie Will Wipe Off All The Worries:

Install StealthGenie on your child’s smartphone and use this phone locator to help you stay updated about all their whereabouts. No matter how busy your routine is, you will always stay informed about where ever your child is hanging out. This will help you continue with your busy routine and still keep an eye on your teenage child.

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