Traveling for Ladyboys and Trannys – The Best Online Guide for Finding a Transgender

Ladyboys or “Kathoey” are popular in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Know more about them in this site. When you are traveling, you might want to meet one of them and have a good time. There are a lot of ladyboys out there who are willing to have some fun with a foreigner. If you are looking for a thrilling weekend, you should know where to look.

A ladyboy can look like a woman with stunning features but retains her male genitals. They are usually blonde, with amazing eyes, full red lips, and perfectly arched brows. Their dress is impeccable, and they walk with sway on their hips. However, when you look further, you may notice that they have wider hips and muscular arms than cissexual women.

Some ladyboys hang out with other males, but they don’t usually feel attracted to them. A ladyboy might dress like a woman because he just wants to dress that way. Not because he is attracted to some males. That can be one of the distinctions between ladyboys and a transgender. A transgender might retain her looks like a male but wants to be in a relationship with another male. The world of LGBTQ++ is complicated but understandable.

Traveling to Another Country?

Know that there are a lot of ladyboys who hang out on clubs, bars, and restaurants on weekends. Some of them may accompany you as long as there’s a payment. Note that not all trans people require payment. Some are from rich families and just want to have some fun. Remember that ladyboys and trans are all people and they have feelings too. They are not someone whom you can just have a one-night stand and they won’t feel a thing about it. Some will expect you to call them afterward. Some will even jump in delight when you say that you want to be in a relationship with them.

The best countries are Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and all the other countries in Southeast Asia. There are some countries where you should avoid traveling such as UAE as they have stricter codes and laws for trans there. 

How to Find your Date

You can find transgender dates anywhere including malls, bars, clubs, streets, public transportations, popular tourist spots, gyms, and restaurants. However, there are times when approaching a very beautiful woman and asking her if she’s a trans is considered an offensive move. You might want to look closely. The problem is that when the trans is not interested in your advances, you may have to look for others which can be a waste of time.

So, where to look?

The best place to make sure that you will have a date on your destination country is to look for ladyboys on websites and dating platforms. Most platforms today will provide you accurate information about a person, her location, her likes, dislikes, and so on. You will have a better chance of finding a more compatible match in another country compared to wasting your time hanging out in bars where after a long night, you will not have someone to accompany you to your hotel.

There are sites such as that can help you find the right people that you are looking for. When it comes to dating platforms, you are assured that the person you are chatting with is a beautiful transsexual. By looking at their pictures, you will already have an idea of how they dress and how they do their makeup. There’s no need for awkward encounters where you need to ask them if they are trans or not.  

When you feel comfortable with the ladyboy that you are chatting with, you can set up a date with her. You can fly to her country because you need to take care of business. After that, you can chill out and have fun. There’s nothing to stop you. With a dating site, you will already have an idea that you are not talking to a murderer or a psychopath. You know the intentions of the transwoman through her chats with you. Best of all, everything is clear in the relationship with no expectations when everything is just a roll on the hay.

A Final Word

Traveling to another country is a lot of fun. However, make your experience more unique by dating a ladyboy from another country. There are a lot of ways on how you can meet them. Make sure that you go to the right website to avoid wasting time and money. After you’ve had your fun, don’t forget to thank your trans date. If you like the experience with her, you can ask her for another date afterward. When things get sour, you can always find another one!

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