Gadgets for Safety: 9 Awesome Security Gadgets You Need to Know About

A robbery occurs every 1.6 seconds in the United States. And the scariest part? You don’t have to be wealthy to be targeted by criminals.

Whether you’re leaving on vacation or you’re simply not home a large part of the day, there are many reasons why criminals will case your home. The best course of action all homeowners can take is protecting their home.

There’s no need to hire a security guard. Fortunately, security devices are affordable. And there are many devices you can choose from. Here are 9 security gadgets to keep your home safe.

1. Safe

A safe is the most classic home security gadget that every homeowner should have. But why keep a safe? There’s likely a good chance you have a savings and/or retirement account to store your rainy day fund.

However, a safe is still important. For example, let’s say you’re leaving for vacation. If you have expensive jewelry, store your precious jewels in the safe. You can also leave your gadgets and other tech in the safe.

It’s also worth it to use the safe as a decoy. Keep your gems, tech, and other goods in another area and let the burglars distract themselves by trying to open the safe.

2. Outdoor Security Light

Security lights are becoming one of the most essential security items for every household. These are outdoor lights activated by movement. Sure, a small animal can set these lights off. But they’re powerful enough to deter a bad person.

Security lights also help you when you’re outside. Let’s say you’re coming home late.

If you have a dark driveway, the lights illuminate your surroundings. This improves your sight so you’re able to spot a bad person sneaking around or hiding.

3. Indoor Security Light

If you like the idea of an outdoor security light, you should also invest in an indoor security light.

While this may seem odd, installing these lights are more effective than you think. Burglars avoid breaking in when someone is home and these lights give the illusion that the homeowner is present.

These are lights that flash throughout your home, making it look like someone is home.

This is effective if you’re going out of town. If you’re sleeping and don’t mind the extra lights, setting up indoor security lights while you’re sleeping may prevent a late-night break-in.

4. Barking Dog Alarm

Sure, normal alarms work just fine. But savvy burglars can deactivate traditional alarms. What if they hear a dog barking instead? They’re sure to run away. That’s because dogs are one of the most effective burglar deterrents.

How does the alarm work? Easy — the burglar will enter your home, hear the barking alarm, and will run out before attempting to deactivate the alarm.

5. Dummy Camera

A real security camera system will benefit your home immensely. But what if you can’t afford one? You can invest in a dummy camera in the meantime. These mock the appearance of real cameras but still deter burglars.

Many high-quality dummy cameras are made of real camera bodies and lenses — they just don’t have the internal mechanisms that drive up their cost.

Some manufacturers sell dummy cameras in packs so you can set them up throughout your home.

6. Real Camera

If you want to take your security a step further, investing in a CCTV security set is worth it — for both homes and businesses. These cameras provide high-quality footage and can catch things that occur when you’re not there.

Because of this, security cameras have caught some crazy and even scary things.

CCTV technology is also increasing. Many cameras connect to an app on your phone, alerting you if someone is at your door or around your property. Security cameras are also disguisable, looking like a normal doorbell or even a peephole.

7. Enhanced Locks

Deadbolt locks are a thing of the past. These days, door locks are getting a makeover.

More homeowners are choosing indoor locks that are only activated with keys.

Many burglars are able to break windows, reach in and undo the deadbolt. Locking your door with a key makes a burglar unable to unlock the door from the inside.

Locks are also becoming digitalized. You can find locks that have built-in alarms. Let’s say a burglar is able to pick your lock. An alarm will sound, causing the burglar to flee.

8. Chimes and Alerts

Sure, it may be annoying when you hear your door chime every time someone enters and exits your home.

But that chime can come in handy if an unsuspecting person enters your home. While chimes don’t act as traditional alarms, they can inform you when a bad person enters your home.

These chimes are also digitalized. These days, you can invest in an alarm service that sends you push notifications when someone is at your door or even your window.

9. Walkie Talkie

You would never suspect the toy you played with as a child is an effective security tool. But walkie talkies are beneficial for the home and for the business.

Let’s say there’s a major storm such as a hurricane approaching. Investing in walkie talkies helps you communicate with your family if you lose cell phone service.

Walkie talkies even improve security team communication. Let’s say you manage a team of security guards. Walkie talkies are a more reliable and quicker form of communication.

Modern walkie talkies are unlike the toys you played with as a child. The calls are high-quality and clear, helping you communicate long-distance without a cell signal.

These Security Gadgets Will Keep You Safe

The last thing you want is a burglary or any other situation where your security is compromised. Whether you’re protecting your home or business, a bad situation can strike at any time. These security gadgets will help safeguard your property.

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