Traffline Review, A Live Traffic News App

As we all know that traffic is the biggest headache we people use to face it on every morning and evening but have you ever thought of how to get rid of this problem, If not so here is the answer to all your problems.

There is a popular app called Taffline,a live traffic news app made by Mumbai-based startup Birds Eye System and I have used this app for couple of days and found it very helpful when it comes to know the status of traffic and rush on particular route for the destination then this app is really worthy to have installed in your smartphones.

I would like to mention the fact that this app is probably a life-changing stuff for many people as it will definitely going to save your time by preventing you to going on busy roads and provide you the real-time alert for report incidents such as accidents, construction and traffic jams.

This app is currently available for people of 7 metro-cities of India which includes New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Let’s talk about various aspects of this travel app here:

Design & UI of App

As far as i am concerned, this is the most significant aspect or part of any app which makes the app more appealing towards its users and stimulate them to install it on their device. So here Traffline scored decent as its design is quite simplistic, easy to use and overall the app is perfectly designed for its user base as it allows you to get latest news feed about traffic status of various routes ans as the user network of this app is really awesome where you’ll get the reactions of other users on traffic status of particular roads, routes and areas and at the same time you are also allowed to share your experience of travelling on traffic roads and helping out others.

When it comes to user-interface of this app then i would say app has good UI designed for their users where you’ll have various tabs like “News Feed”, “Search” and even you can track your performance on the app with the help of some available features of app which includes “Today’s leaderboard, “my tag” here you can check out your saved locations for your own convenience. Apart from this, you can sign up in this app by integrating number of social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or sign up on the app manually. After using this app for several hours, app looks fine from security point of view as there is no messed thing involved in password entering.

Structure of App

Here you will be able to know the works of app and how to use it in more productive way. In this section, we are going to talk about the basic concept of the app and how you’ll get most out of it.

Basically the app is all about traffic guide which means guiding you about all the traffic activities, rush and other status of roads and routes in between your current location and destination so that you will be able to select ideal route for reaching your destination with less time consume. And great thing I liked about this app is that the app is all about people where people share all their daily experiences while travelling on traffic routes and sharing them into the app so that other people can avoid those route where you have faced the same problem previously.


As I have mentioned somewhere above, this app would literally change your life and I must say,  Having this app installed in your smartphone means life changing experience for you, Yes I mean it! This app deserves a try so i will recommend this one to all of my Indian viewers and believe me, you won’t feel disappoint in any manner while using the app.

You can download this app from Play Store and iOS.


  • UI Is Simple
  • Design Is Perfect
  • Descent Mapping Guide
  • Provide all relevant info about route’s traffic status


  • App may not be consistent for every route
  • Volume of user base is average

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