How businesses can maximize their chances of startup success

As the tech world expands, the number of tech business startups continues to grow. As with any sector in business, the big question is how a startup can enjoy success.

For many people majoring in technology, self-employment through starting a business of their own is their entry point into the industry. An important question you should ask yourself when considering a startup is: “What am I going to produce?” This question is not as simple as first appears. There are an enormous number of tech products out there in the marketplace. For your new business to be a success, you need to be able to sell, and those sales should be to people who actually need your product. By fulfilling that need, you will be producing a niche product that is in demand, thereby giving your startup a fighting chance of success.

By developing and selling a product the public needs, you are putting yourself in a strong position to fight off the competition here at home and from abroad. Foreign competition is particularly strong because many of today’s tech companies have set up overseas, such as in China. Your own specialist product will greatly enhance your chances of fighting off rivals.

Before even producing your niche product, you should identify where your market lies. Having identified those likely to purchase, you need to promote your product. This can be done through your own business website and through social networking. The internet also gives you the opportunity to cut out the middleman and sell direct to the customers, making your products even cheaper.

To achieve further success your startup should grow as sales grow. Many tech enterprises have started as home businesses but eventually more space is needed as the enterprise expands. This may well mean finding bigger office space and investing in more computers and software.

New personnel, such as those who provide additional expertise, will also be an advantage. Their expertise can help boost your sales even further and identify problems before they have a detrimental impact. People with experience and leadership credentials can play a key part in continued business success.

Of course, many startups do fail. There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons is the failure to find funding to actually start the business or fund its future expansion. Funding is vital if your new business is to get off the ground and start enjoying success. Startups are also likely to crash because they fail to meet one of the first rules of business: sell products that the public need.

If you are planning a startup, it is always a good idea to seek inspiration from companies that became success stories. A good example is Transducer Techniques, now a leading producer of products such as load cells and torque sensors.

A successful startup is never easy but your business can maximize its chances of success through the selection of products it is prepared to sell, by bringing in expertise when necessary and by honing its sales techniques to sell at a price people are prepared to pay, while still increasing your profitability.


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