Top Tips To Make Your Wedding Dance Memorable?

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days n your life, as it should be. It can take months or even years to plan and be an intensely stressful event. But, it’s also an important opportunity to tell the world that you’re in love and are committed to being together. 

Of course, planning the wedding is only part of the day. You also need to think about the details of the day that will allow you to look back and remember it fondly. Potentially one of the most important of these events is the wedding dance.

Traditionally, the wedding dance is done to the first song of the night. Before everyone else is allowed to start dancing the happy couple will perform their own routine. In the past, this was usually a slow dance to a favorite song. But, today there is an increasing trend to do more with this opportunity. 

It’s worth taking a few moments to consider what you want from the dance and using the following tips to make it as memorable as possible.

Dance Lessons

Not everyone can dance like a professional. However, you can give a credible performance on the dance floor if you take dance classes before the big day.

The great thing about dance classes is that you can choose the routine. If you and your partner attend you can simply learn the waltz or another classical step. Or, you can attempt to place your own stamp on the wedding dance and learn a routine with the help of your dance instructor.

It’s a great way of surprising your guests, having some fun, and creating a wedding dance that will be remembered forever.

Custom Song

If you really want to surprise your guests then find a songwriter and get them to write you a custom song for your wedding day. You can help with the style of the lyrics and the message you want to portray. 

Of course, you can combine this with a unique dance or simply let the song do the talking for you.

Change Your Costume

Most brides change out of their wedding dress and into their reception gear before they do the first dance. But, you don’t need to stick to tradition. Change your clothes into something completely different for the wedding dance. 

This gives you the opportunity to wear clothes that match your partners and the song. There is no limit to what is possible.

Sing It!

If you’ve got a decent singing voice you can sing your own wedding song, with your partner. Make it a duet and throw in your own dance moves to really get your friends and relatives going. It’s certain to be memorable. 

Mix It Up

The alternative is to focus on the song itself. If you can’t decide which song to dance to or have a lot of preferences then have a medley of songs created for you and your partner to dance to. You can even create a dance routine to go with different songs.

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