How to Turn Your Office Into a Coworking Space

If you have extra office space or spare desks in your office building that are going unused, you can increase your revenue by renting them out to other businesses. Transforming your office into a coworking space is a great way to reduce your overheads and increase your bottom line. With just a few simple changes, you can quickly turn unused office space into an income-generating asset. 

The costs of operating a business can quickly add up. One of the biggest costs for many business owners is their office space. If your business is located in a sought after, central location, your office rents could be astronomically high putting more pressure on your business finances. With more businesses looking for affordable office solutions, there is more demand than ever before for flexible office solutions. Don’t pass on the opportunity to turn your office into a coworking space and miss out on a chance to generate more capital for your business. 

Continue reading to learn how you can transform your office space into a coworking space. 

Create The Right Environment

Slick office fit outs that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional will make your office space more appealing to potential users. When you are designing your office space, you need to ensure that you create an environment that promotes productivity, creativity and collaboration. Consider including break-away rooms and conference rooms where teams can work together on projects. Providing the right environment is crucial in ensuring that your coworking space is a hit.  

Organize And Declutter Your Space

When you are sharing your office space with other businesses, you need to ensure that the space is neat and organised. Take some time to declutter your space, removing anything that is not necessary. Important items like desks, chairs, printers, copiers and storage are important. Almost everything else can probably be removed. Offering a tidy and organised space will encourage your guests to maintain a neat desk. What’s more, an organised space promotes productivity adding more value to your space for the occupants. 

Choose Appropriate Furniture

Assess the furniture that you already have before you go and invest in more office furniture. If your existing furniture is old and dated looking, it might be wise to update it for more modern, ergonomically designed pieces. Be sure that every desk is equally equipped. To provide your guests with the best experience, you will need to offer a comfortable office desk and chair, a reading lamp, internet access and access to powerpoints. Add some indoor plants and appropriate artwork to create a space that is inviting and comfortable for you and your tenants to work in. 

Thorough Cleaning 

Before your first guest ever enters the coworking space, be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the space. It’s important that you make the best possible best impression to ensure that they will come back again in the future. The local business community will share their favourite coworking spaces with each other on social media and in online forums. Providing a spotlessly clean office space will ensure that you gain more clients through word of mouth in the local business community. Be sure to maintain your high standards with regular cleaning going forward to ensure your coworking space is always clean, neat, and tidy. 

Reap The Rewards Of Turning Your Office Space Into A Coworking Space

Transforming your unused office space into a coworking space is a great way to generate more revenue for your business. It is also a fantastic way to introduce your business to the local business community and grow your network in the process. Start putting a plan in place today as to how you can capitalize on that empty space in your office and you can start reaping the rewards of turning your office space into a coworking space in no time. 

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