Top 5 Project Management Myths BUSTED

Nowadays Project Management is becoming an essential element in various businesses, corporate houses and startups across the globe. In simple words, Project Management is the art of refining, planning, observing, controlling and closing the action of a team to achieve distinctive goals.

In today’s dynamic environment, many businesses have to run projects, whether it is an advertising firm, retail enterprise or a startup all are abide by the rule of implementation of project management for their existing and prospective projects.

Having said that, Even though it is the most significant thing in a professional work environment, the concept of project management is still associated with various misapprehensions and fables. For instance, many says it is all about “paperwork”, some people thinks “remote collaboration is a waste” in the mechanism of project management, and the list continues. 

However, the reality is different from what we’ve seen or heard about Project Management. Illustrating from the outcomes of various studies, the Wrike project management software team put together a new infographic that dismantles the top five project management myths.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike Project Management Software

Top 5 Project Management Myths BUSTED

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