Top 10 Countries With Highest Number of Internet Users, AdSense CPC

Key Highlights of the Infographic

● Number of Internet users in the top 10 countries with most internet users.

● Google AdSense CPC for each of the listed countries. (except China)

● Average Audience Value (Calculated by Aggregating the CPC and Number of Users)

Other Hidden insights that the infographic provides

● Feasibility of any online business targeted at audience in a particular country (which

heavily depends on the number of internet users in the country)

● Chances of future growth in that country (Any country with an internet penetration rate of

less than 50% is far from saturation and is likely to grow in the future)

● Purchasing power / economic strength of a target country (Countries with audience

having greater purchasing power and higher demand for digital products are likely to

have a higher CPC)

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