Secrets To Choosing Right Raw Food For Your Dog

Food is essential for both humans and dogs. But the difference is that people can choose what food they eat, while dogs eat whatever food you offer them.

With many dog foods available in the market, when choosing the right food for your dog, you must ask yourself these important basic questions:

  • Does dog food promote a well-balanced nutritional diet?
  • Is the calorie requirement suitable for your dog breed? 
  • Are there no allergy causing ingredients that can cause harm to your dog? 
  • Does it taste good? Will your dog love it? 
  • Is it appropriate for your lifestyle? Will your time of preparation permit it?

Indeed, dogs have different needs and activity levels. So, it is best to choose the one that matches your dog’s calorie requirement. Choosing raw dog food will surely not compromise your dog’s diet. 

Best Known Reasons to Go for Raw Food

Cooking food is never natural for any animal, and so is ti with your dogs! Raw food, as many advocates claim, is the kind of dog food diet that helps to provide better health for the dogs. 

Other types of dog food are usually for convenience purposes only. For instance, most canned dog foods have 75% of water, making it less nutritious. 

Another is the dry or kibble, which prompts the dog to chew more than swallow. Yes, it improves digestion, but it would be best to mix it with raw food to add the nutritional content. 

So read along to choose what type of raw food is right for your dog.

Choosing the Raw Food for Your Dog

Before transitioning to raw diet for your dogs, consult your vet first to prevent the risk and know more about the benefits and how to prepare them. 

Usually, the raw food diet for dogs contains uncooked meat, raw eggs, whole ground bones, and mixed organs. You can also add some vegetables and fruits for their dessert. 

Chicken is the best known raw food for dogs. But, since some dogs are allergic to chicken, combining it with other meats will neutralize allergic reactions. So, here is a quick guide for your dog.

  • Chicken and Kangaroo. What can be best with a diet with Australia’s kangaroo meat? It has the lowest fats and rich source of iron, zinc, omega 3s, and B vitamins. It is best for sensitive dogs or those who suffer from food intolerance.
  • Chicken with Salmon and Turmeric. 

This food is best for dogs who are prone to allergies. As fish is high in omega 3s, its meat is best for hypoallergenic dogs. Plus, the healing properties of turmeric will surely make the dog’s skin healthier and shinier.  

  • Chicken, Beef, and Roo. 

This type of food is best for your dog with known facts from chicken meat plus B3, B6, and B12 vitamins from beef. Beef meat is also a high source of protein and iron, supporting your dogs’ active lives. 

  • Lamb and Roo. Knowing that lambs grow and are fed from pasture, their meat is cleaner and healthier for dogs. In addition, lamb and roo meats are best for active dogs because lamb’s meat is fatter. 

Dog foods are essential for your dog’s health. Choose the one that fits and is beneficial for your pets. No matter which raw dog food you are to pick, the vital consideration is to find the right one that matches your dog’s nutritional needs.

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