Things You Can Do To Give Your Salon The Competitive Edge

In today’s market economy, it has become very important for a business to set itself apart from the rest. This is especially true for salons, as with increasing affluence, people are prioritizing quality of service over cost. To provide this exceptional quality of service and gain customer loyalty, one must shift away from traditional business models. This is especially true for salons. Salons revolve around providing their customers with the best experience possible. However, it is also important to give a customer a few reasons to pick your salon over the others. To help you with this we bring you a few things you can do to give your salon the competitive edge:

  • Offer discounts

Offer small discounts to some customers to capture market share. Advertise these discounts online or through print media to get the attention of potential customers. This helps in attracting new customers and getting them to visit your salon at least once. They will be able to gauge the quality of service you provide and may choose to become your regular customers.

  • Carve a niche for your salon

All salons offer a host of services to their customers. While diversity is a good thing, make sure you highlight one of the best services you provide. By doing this you will set out to carve a niche in the department for your salon. It will give your salon the competitive edge over other salons for that particular service. Other services meanwhile will continue alongside, and a customer is always more than likely to avail more than one service at a time.

  • Set up an appropriate décor

The décor of your salon should be based on whether it is a men’s salon or women’s salon and the type of clientele you wish to attract. Proper décor will always put a good impression on your customers and it will also help you acquire more clientele. The décor must be tastefully chosen to reflect the vision of the salon. Additionally, you can even go for a themed salon to set yourself apart from any other salons in the area. The theme however should again be carefully and tastefully chosen.

  • Friendly staff

Make sure you hire friendly staff that can make your customers comfortable to enhance their overall experience. Do make sure that they are not overfriendly and are able to understand what the level of interaction with the customer. These are a few soft skills which you must incorporate into your workforce. Conduct seminars if necessary to make sure they understand how it is to be done. Make sure your employees understand the gravity of this.

  • Use a Salon Management Software

It is advised to use salon management software like Salon Touch Studio to enhance the functioning of your salon as well as to give it an edge over any competitors. This software will ease a lot of the manual supervision and allow you to focus on the salon more. It will take care of a lot of backend functioning allowing you to shift your focus to the customer service. This is important as most owners and managers usually get caught up in the corporate functioning of the salon. Hence, they have very little time to focus on the customer experience which their salon provides.

The suggestions mentioned above will have an impact if the quality of service is sound and its employees feel belonged. Make sure your salon has a sound foundation. Once that is done, coupling it with the suggestions mentioned above will make it a fierce competitor in today’s market.

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