9 Best Places to Visit in Manali

We all need a break from our busy- scheduled and hectic lives at some point in time. We need to go and explore the amazing places around us. It is not so hard to get rid of your boring life. You just need a perfect destination, and Manali is a very popular backpacking and tripping spot, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is very famous for its beauty and adventure activities with many splendid places to visit. Manali is situated on the banks of the Beas River and is a gateway to fun and experience with its famous tourist spots.

The best tourist spots in Manali are flooded with travellers and you should not give it a miss. It is the best combination of thrill and enjoyment. Manali is also popular for its restaurants offering delicious cuisines. Manali is also regarded as the best Honeymoon destination in Himachal Pradesh. We have picked up the best destinations or places that you can give a chance, in your trip to Manali. These places are the real exploration in Manali and you cannot afford to ignore them. If you are calling a first-time visit to Manali then these awesome places will make your trip a memorable one.


Top places in Manali –


Destinations Distance from Manali
Vashisht hot water spring 3 kilometers
Rohtang pass 51 kilometers
Beas River 28 kilometers
Solang valley 12 kilometers
Hadimba temple 2 kilometers
Kasol 75 kilometers
Malana 83 kilometers
Manu temple 3 kilometers
Naggar castle 20 kilometers


Given below are some of the exotic sights that are a must to visit on your trip to Manali.

1. Vashisht Hot Water Spring

The Vashisht temple is almost 3 km away from the main city of Manali. It a very famous tourist spot known for its natural hot water spring. The Vashisht temple is named after the known sage of that time “Sage Vashisht” and it is believed by the people that the water of the hot water spring is blessed with medicinal attributes. It is a great destination for people fond of hot water springs. You can relax your tired body in that spring and you will get the best feeling of this world. Besides the spring, this temple also has a vast history, so the tourists who are interested in olden time stories can never miss this sight. Just visit the Vashisht hot water spring and get a soothing environment to relax and have peace from the outside world.

Attractions –

  •    The mesmerizing hot water bath.
  •    The rich culture and history.

Schedule –

Open from 7am-10am, all over the year.

2.  The Rohtang Pass –

The Rohtang Pass is the most attractive tourist destination in Manali. It is a historic and adventure spot which is situated 51km away from the main city of Manali. It is the most apical and astonishing highways in the region of Manali-Keylong. It creates a beautiful combination of the Buddhist and the Hindu cultures. It is a division of nature between the two famous valleys of Kullu and Lahaul and Spiti. It is an astonishing slope covered with bright and angelic snow. There are a number of fun things you can enjoy in the snow in order make the most of your trip. The divine slope with charming snow attracts a ravishing bunch of people to its alluring beauty. There is a pool of adventures in the Rohtang pass.

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Attractions –

  •    Skiing on the beautiful snowy slope.
  •    Snow scootering.
  •    Ice- skating.
  •    Paragliding in the bright skies.

Schedule –

The Rohtang pass is most suitable in the months of summer.

3. The Beas River –

The Beas River is one of the longest flowing rivers through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It is the most important and the holiest rivers in the northern region. It flows almost 470km in its full length and course. The Beas River is rich in its historical legends and folklore. The River flows from thick forests of birch, deodar and pine and the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas covered with glittering snow. It flows all over the year in Manali and Kullu. The Beas River enchants the attention of travellers, pilgrims and adventurers from all over the globe and provides them with thrilling adventures of the Himalayas. Do not miss to visit the Beas River on your trip to Manali.

Attractions –

  •    River rafting.
  •    Biking and cycling.
  •    Trekking.

 4. The Solang Valley –             

The Solang valley has generated its name from the village of Solang, near which it is situated. If you hop to the Solang valley you will experience the best enchanting views and its thrilling adventures. The Solang valley is also regarded as the most beautiful honeymoon destination near Manali. It gives you an alluring view of the glaciers, the wide plains of ice and the snowcapped mountains of the Rohtang valley. It is just the perfect destination to play with snow and get back to your childhood as you flip, fall and enjoy in the glittering snow. The Solang valley attracts the most number of tourists in the summer season as it becomes the hub for a variety of adventure sports

Attractions –

  •    Parachuting.
  •    Horse riding.
  •    Biking.
  •    Zorbing.

5.  The Hadimba Temple –

The Hadimba Temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, who was the wife of Bhīma in the Hindu mythology “the Mahabharata”.  The Hadimba temple is the most visited temple in Manali and is said to be a magnificent piece of art. It is a mixed creativity of the Indian architecture and the Japanese pagodas wood and stonework is so eye-catching that it never fails to attract tourists towards it. The Hadimba temple is built on a grand rock top and is covered with alluring cedar forests all around. The doors of the temple are carved beautifully and it has a tall Shikhar of 24 meters at its top. The Hadimba temple was constructed in the year 1553 and it is the most popular sacred spot for pilgrims, tourists and travellers.

The great stories of religious practitioners are always enjoyed by the people who visit the temple.

No photography is allowed inside the temple.

Schedule –

Opens from 8:00 am till 7:00 pm.

6. Kasol –

Kasol is perfect getaway 75 km away from Manali, stationed amidst the hill stations of Manikaran and Bhuntar. It attracts a big pool of travellers from all over the globe year after year. Kasol is a beautiful destination that imparts splendid views of the Himalayan peaks. It is easy to travel to Kasol by road. It is a hill station with a low population and soothing environment which gives inner peace to the travellers. Every year a vast number of people visit Kasol and are enchanted by the beauty of this pretty place. Kasol is situated in the Parvati valley. The civilians of this village are so humble that they welcome travellers every year to stay and set up camps in their village. Kasol is surrounded by alluring coniferous jungles, bright and chipper brooks and an airy cultural climate.

Attractions –

  •    Trekking.
  •    Nature walks.
  •    Rich culture.
  •    Moderate climate.
  •    Boating.

 Best time to visit –

   In the months of October to June

7. Malana –

Malana is an ancient village which is located to the northeast of the famous Kullu valley, 83kms away from Manali. It is a common destination for travellers and attracts a number of people to its rich and prestigious culture from all over the world.  The Malana village is the oldest democracies in the world and is far from the environment of the outside world. People are attracted to it because of its ancient values and courtesy. The natives of the Malana village have safeguarded their traditions and age-old culture from the evils of the modern world. The Malana village has gained much reputation for its delicacy and dignity. The village has its own independent structure of living unlike the rest of the country. Travellers are curious to learn and gain knowledge about the cultures that are followed by the people of Malana, and so they are interested to visit this place. You can use Yatra offers in order to enjoy your trip at an affordable price.

If you are planning a trip to Manali do not forget to visit the village of Malana as it is a great place to spend your time and experience the attributes of a different cultured environment.

Attractions –

  •    Trekking.
  •    Backpacking.

 Best time to visit –

   During March to October.

8.  Manu Temple –

Manu temple is located in the enchanting valley of Manali and 275 km north to Shimla. It lies in the Kullu district and the Beas river valley. The Manu temple is a popular spot for the pilgrims and travellers. The Manu temple has been a tourist attraction for years and travellers from all over the world are keenly interested to visit this temple and know about the lives and cultures of the Indian deities. The temple showcases the divine powers of sage Manu, who was a king in history. The temple provides you fresh peaceful air and beautiful greeneries all around. The travellers are attracted towards its spellbinding architecture which offers a glimpse into the history, traditions and spirituality.  The architecture of the temple is so mesmerizing that the tourists are easily attracted towards it. Give a visit to the Manu temple and you will know the essence of spirituality that it carries. You can use yatra coupons to avail the best opportunities on your trip.

9.    Naggar Castle –

The Naggar castle is 20 km away from the city of Manali. It is an eminent castle situated in the Naggar village. The Naggar castle gives you a beautiful view of glittering snow-covered mountain peaks, rich-green apple orchards and the delighting Beas valley. It is a wonderful old-time structure, carrying the historical image. It was built in 1460AD by king Sidhi Singh. It is a splendid mixture of European and Himalayan art and work, which uses a combo of wooden beams and stones to make it so beautiful. It holds the historical paintings of Nicholas Roerich, an ancient Russian artist.

Timings –

10 am to 5 pm all days.

This castle also carries an entry fee of Rs. 20 per head.

So, now you have all the idea about your stay at Manali. These are the best places that a person should definitely visit in his/her lifetime. With all the beauty of hills, mountains, streams, valleys and forests, these regions cover all the beautiful experiences. These destinations are tourists attraction for a long period of time and are still flowering to be the best. Head up to these destinations and have the best and most memorable trip to Manali.

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