The Ultimate Guide to Unisex Sunglasses

Sales of sunglasses hit almost $6 billion in one year in the states and are forecast to keep climbing. Have you found your perfect pair yet?

If not, have you considered unisex sunglasses? Fashion without labels, that are considered “gender neutral“, and that work for everyone are the newest, hottest trend.

Not sure how to rock this style? We’ve got the ultimate guide on how to look great in a pair of unisex sun glasses — keep reading!

How to Tell if Sunglasses are Unisex

First things first: how can you tell which pair of sunglasses will work for everyone? The answer is to keep it simple.

Keep colors, patterns, and decorations to a minimum or get rid of them all together. Unisex looks are more about what works for your body and face shape than anything else. 

Browse some online stores, like Joma Shop, and see which styles call your name. Let’s look at a few shapes that work for everyone that you should keep an eye out for.

Round and Oval

Round and oval sunglasses are classic while still being stylish. They bring a bit of vintage flair to a modern outfit.

These sit great on those with more square faces. Add tortoiseshell accents for even more of a retro vibe.


These are the ultimate in cool eyewear. Aviators conjure up images of windswept hair, sunsets, and chill 70s-style rockstars.

While at first glance these sunglasses seem more masculine, they’re definitely great for women too. Wear these with more laid-back outfits and let the sunglasses take the spotlight.

Weird and Wild

If you really want to make a statement, dial it all the way up to 11 and don’t look back. The weirdest and wildest frames — with mirroring, spikes, chains, etc. — work for everyone.

Celebs like Lady Gaga or Jaden Smith can make anything work for them. They’ll wear outlandish shades that put all eyes on them.

Don’t hold back. If you want to wear something truly eye-catching, just go for it.


Wayferer sunglasses are another throwback style that stay on trend through the years. These are a truly unisex and look good on everyone and almost any face shape.

Those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces should try out a pair of Wayfarers. Like Aviators, they bring a relaxed vibe to your outfit.

Mirrored Shades

Mirrored shades in bright colors are a bold trend that look great on everyone. Look for unisex polarized sunglasses with heavy black frames and mirrored lenses in purple, orange, blue, or more.

The color only shows up in the reflected mirrored lens and doesn’t add a tint to your view. They’re perfect for outdoor sports or events.

The Perfect Unisex Sunglasses for You

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to finding the right pair of unisex sunglasses. There’s a perfect pair out there for you, and this guide will help you find it.

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