And, Action! How to Set Up the Ultimate Home Entertainment Room

The holiday season’s almost upon us, and that means it’s party time for most of the US population. Last year, Americans spent 25% more on entertaining at home than they did on buying gifts. 

So if you’re thinking of setting up a swish entertainment room to impress your friends during this festive phase, read on.  

Finding the Space

Before you start working on entertainment room ideas, you should decide what you want to achieve. Do you want to set up a dedicated space for movies and gaming, or would you like a general area for socializing with friends?

With a little planning, you can have both. Blackout blinds work well to darken a room during viewing times, and you can always retract them when you want to let the light shine in. 

Surround Yourself With Sound

Rectangular rooms work best for optimizing your surround sound system in a media room. You don’t need to perform any major construction to achieve this though.

It’s easy and quick to build false walls out of drywalling to adjust the shape of your room.

The biggest LED HD TV and the best in wall home theater speakers you can afford are a top priority in any entertainment venue. 

Carpets and rugs instead of wood or tile floors will also help optimize the quality of your sound.

Entertainment Room Seating Options

After your tech items, appropriate entertainment room furniture is the next priority. You don’t need purpose-designed home cinema chairs, sectional sofas are a great option too. 

If you have children, a pull-out sleeper sofa’s a good choice for little ones who like to cuddle up at movie time.

Take time working on small entertainment room ideas if you’re short on space. Think about how much time your guests will spend in front of the screen when placing your seating.

While it’s tempting to place the chairs on the opposite end of the room from your TV, consider how much foot traffic’s likely to cross in front of the screen. Plan your layout so that those who are enjoying a movie experience the fewest distractions.

Beyond Media Entertainment

Depending on your available space, you could also install a pool table or bar in your entertainment area. Remember, that any clutter in the room’s likely to affect the quality of your sound.

So, if you’re going to have spaces for alternative enjoyments, you should consider partitioning them off from the viewing area with drywall.

Explore Your Options 

An entertainment room is one way to add real value to the time you spend at home. Not only will you enjoy hours of fun with friends, but it’s also a lot quicker to clean up after a good party when there’s only one room involved. 

When you have a dedicated space for letting your hair down, it’s easier to channel your mind away from the day’s stressors, and truly relax.  

If you’re looking for more ways to improve the quality of your life, keep reading our blog for more tips and information on the things that matter to you.

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