The Top Jewelry Trends Everyone Is Raving About

Women are known to be very passionate about jewelry. It symbolizes both social status and femininity. Jewelry is just one of the many reasons why a woman feels confident and beautiful when wearing her favorite outfit accompanied by that special ring or necklace.

Women all over the world wear different kinds of jewelry for different purposes. There are some who wear certain pieces for a specific occasion, but there are also women who wear jewelry on a daily basis. This may be because jewelry can highlight the personality of a woman and accentuate her best feature.

With the many jewelry trends everyone is raving about today; it can be confusing to choose which one to wear or purchase. Fortunately, here is a list of top jewelry trends that everyone has been talking about. These types of jewelry have been spotted on everyone — from celebrities to the most influential people today.

Top Jewelry Trends


One of the most common types of jewelry that will never go out of style would be bracelets. There are different kinds of bracelets to choose from — from the beaded bracelet or sports bracelet to the large selection of name bracelets. They also come in various designs, styles, and shapes, and they’re made with different materials as well. Depending on the type of bracelet, it can be worn during a special occasion or as a daily accessory.


Yes, anklets are back, and they are becoming one of this year’s biggest trends. These anklets are perfect for both young children and grown-ups, depending on the style. There are anklets with dainty chains and metallic beads, which are perfect for the younger jewelry enthusiasts. There are also stunning anklets made with delicate pearls, which makes for a lovely addition to any woman’s outfit.  

You can layer anklets up and add them to complement your shorts or plain sundress — they will surely give your look a nice upgrade. Anklets are perfect during the months of spring and summer, as these seasons are the best time to wear that beautiful sundress or flowy skirt that you have.

Very long earrings

Every year, there is always a new upgrade on earrings, and this year, very long earrings are a trend. Some earrings are shoulder length and usually have fun beads and tassels. As a general rule, the longer the earrings, the better. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting statement piece to adorn your outfit, long earrings are the way to go — just be careful not to rip them out!

Asymmetry jewelry

Another jewelry trend that everyone’s raving about is asymmetrical jewelry; from mismatched earrings to necklaces that slightly dangle askew. Mismatched earrings can be a little challenging to pull off, but if you want to be part of the trend, then think again. But this also means that you need to look for nice earrings that will look good with each other. You can choose a smaller earring in one ear, and a drop earring for the other. To ensure that it will look good, make sure that they have the same material for cohesive purposes.

Layered necklaces

Chokers are no longer in, and layered necklaces are now a trend. This kind of trend is a combination of beautiful chains that fit like a choker but are accompanied by long hanging chains. If you are going to play with multiple chains, it would be best to choose ones that look simple yet delicate. You can incorporate stones and charms if you want to add some personality to it.


Pearls are also making a comeback. There are newly designed pearls, which can add style to your simple looking chain. Jewelers are now adding pearls to their pendants and anklets as pearls can turn any jewelry into a statement piece.

Vintage jewelry

Another jewelry trend that everyone is into is vintage jewelry. Vintage inspired and old looking gems are certainly making a comeback. You can mix and match your old metal rings or vintage brooches with your contemporary jewelry, and you will surely create a beautiful statement. The best thing about using vintage jewelry is that it will give you the chance to create an overall look that’s unique.

Updating your style does not only include updating your wardrobe but also your jewelry. With the latest jewelry trends, you will never run out of options as to what to purchase to update your look. But remember to not wear them all at once, as this will look chaotic and busy. The best thing that you can do is to pick one beautiful piece of jewelry to complete your overall look.

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