The Best Gadgets for Online

Whether you’re immersing yourself in MMOs or firing up a virtual roulette wheel, the online world is full of opportunities. Many PC accessories let you make the most of the online platform with better controls and a better overall gaming experience. Although they may not improve your playing performance, these gadgets are guaranteed to give you hours of endless fun.

SteelSeries Wireless Controller


The SteelSeries Wireless Controller has recently been making waves as the first gaming accessory compatible with Apple’s iOS 7. However, the understated and easy to use controller is also compatible with PC and Macs, as well as Android and other Apple devices via a Bluetooth connection.  Boasting up to 10 hours of battery life when fully charged, alongside a familiar and comfortable design architecture, the SteelSeries Wireless Controller is ideal for gaming on the go or at home.

Logitech Driving Force GT


Put yourself in the driving seat with the Logitech Driving Force GT and leave other players in your dust. This gadget is the official wheel of driving game Gran Turismo, delivering a realistic driving experience without you ever having to so much as step outside.  The wheel vibrates to replicate shifts in weight and different road surfaces, while the 900-degree rotation and additional sensitive brake and throttle pedals create an authentic racing feel that is unrivalled by any other gadget on the market.

Universal Wireless Poker Controller

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As online poker sites like Full Tilt Poker continue to attract millions of online players, it was only a matter of time until a dedicated device emerged onto the market. Enter the Universal Wireless Poker Controller.  Featuring check, call and fold buttons, as well as pre-defined bet levels, a pinpoint raise-o-meter and lightning-fast table switches, this handy little handheld is all serious poker players need to make fast and accurate moves on the virtual felt.

Beyerdynamic Mmx 300 headset

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It’s not just about the look and feel of an online game. Many developers will put a lot of time and money into achieving the perfect in-game audio, to build an atmosphere and really capture the attention of their players.  Ditch your old earphones and throw away your crackling speakers. Instead replace them with the supremely comfortable Beyerdynamic Mmx 300 headset and never miss out on a sound again.

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows


Console titles usually find their way onto the online world and, once they do, players can find it difficult to navigate their way through them armed with just a mouse and keyboard.  Microsoft have come up with a simple solution to this issue with the Windows compatible Xbox 360 controller. Enjoy familiar gameplay and seamless controls on all the latest and best PC releases, without having to resort to clicking your way across the levels.

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