5 Green Companies to Work for

The green business sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The demand for sustainably produced goods rises annually, so green real estate development has captured the attention of many major cities and greening a company can save it a significant amount of money in overhead costs. Because green innovations touch nearly every facet of our daily lives, the number and variety of jobs in the sustainability sector keep growing. Here are a few exciting companies that are leading the way in green business and need qualified professionals to join their teams.


Los Angeles based environmental design and management company AECOM employs sustainability experts and technicians across the globe. The organization is robust but flexible, relying on employees who possess a strong foundation of knowledge in the local needs of their target markets instead of trying to apply a one-size-fits-all mentality to the diverse range of factors that make up a given environment.

AECOM is always on the look out for technicians in the fields of energy, water, transportation, facility management and government operations. Because AECOM looks for experts in specific environments, prospective employees do best when they can demonstrate concrete knowledge of the local needs of an area where the company is currently hiring.


Major department retailers like Sears can have a huge environmental impact considering how much shipping, packaging and potential waste are associated with their daily operations. Sears happens to be the greenest of the American department chains. Recently, the company invested in a low-emissions fleet for its shipping needs, reducing their carbon output by double digits.

Sears also does a lot of business through its partnership with EnergyStar, the organization that certifies energy-saving appliances. Sears is almost always hiring at all levels, often showing a preference for those with a strong background in retail and customer service.


Few companies have the green bragging rights of SolarCity, the solar energy services organization. The strength of SolarCity’s business model is its one-stop philosophy. The company installs and monitors solar power systems for homes and businesses, and also designs and finances them.

This diverse model means that SolarCity employs people in a variety of fields, from warehouse workers, to electricians, to salespeople and energy management consultants. SolarCity’s market share keeps growing and the company is expanding as fast as it can, which means it posts new jobs fairly often. They may not use the exact skill sets that match your job title or like that of other organizations, as they’re focused on the still relatively small solar industry, but the positions should look familiar to anyone with an energy services background.

The Nature Conservancy

Long before sustainability was a hot topic for businesses, it was the name of the game in the non-profit sphere. The Nature Conservancy, based in Arlington, VA, is involved in conservation projects around the world.

The organization employs hundreds of scientists, outreach specialists, marketers and policy experts, among others, to carry programs in an extremely diverse field. Professionals with a background in non-profit work will have a leg up with The Nature Conservancy, as well as those who have demonstrated expertise in conservation topics. They have projects in all 50 states and in 30 countries, so willingness to travel is a big plus.


A major player in the growing “smart grid” services field, EnerNOC consults with public and private organizations to increase their energy efficiency and save money through technology-aided power management systems. EnerNOC’s success in assisting their clients with energy efficiency and purchasing strategies has allowed the company to grow significantly over the years.

Breaking into new markets requires EnerNOC to hire sales and marketing specialists, as well as many software developers and managers to continue to offer customized services to each new client. Offering a results-based background is the best way to get started with this company.

As the green sector continues to expand, more companies will emerge to meet sustainability demands and many existing companies will be on the lookout for green business experts. All will want to build teams based on expertise and proven track records in specific sciences, skills and industries.

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