Superman: The most notorious superhero online

Do you really want a proof that times have changed and you can’t even trust the superheroes?

Well then get this, according to McAfee which is one of the world’s leading antivirus software company, Superman seems to be the most mallicious and toxic superhero online. This shouldn’t make your heart sink deep as there’s an other part of the story.

What this exactly means is that many According to McAfee, Superman was the ‘Most Toxic Superhero’ with 16.5 per cent chances of landing on a website that has been tested positive for online threats.

Suppose you search for a Superman movie and type in any torrent site “Superman free torrent download”, you might notice that many times you get an add that says the exact same thing and makes you download some kind of software (which is mallicious) and instructs you to install it into the laptop to complete the downloading process.

Now you might think that you’re downloading a movie but in reality, you’re downloading some kind of virus or some other sorts of mallicious softwares.

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