Chromebooks are most preferred by the schools in America

Google chromebooks seems to owe one to the educational institutions in America because truth be told, a large portion of their sales are made only within this sector only. Chromebooks are a budget laptop that runs in Chrome OS.

While Macbooks and iPads might be favored by many educators for the purpose of learning in a better way, schools in America have contributed significantly towards their success as they have ordered around 1 million chromebooks in the second quarter of 2014j (in just 3 months).

But one cannot say this is completely surprising as let’s get some facts straight, schools are looking upon chromebooks as devices which can enhance the way of teaching and learning as well and what’s much more compelling is that these devices are not only a cheap yet effective way of teaching but also since Google Drive and other such apps of Google are free to use, they cut down the software costs that come up in the future.

The school district uses Google Apps for Education so students have an email address, as well as Google Drive to move student documents off of its internal file storage system.

I don’t see why such ways and offers cannot come up in India, which is (let’s face it) one of the most potential market in these regards.

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