Softphones and Landlines: 4 Reason Why Softphones Will Always Reign Supreme

Remote working has been on the rise! Since internet connections got cheaper and faster, a lot of enterprises made the decision to hire remote staff instead. The popularity of remote work increased even more because of the pandemic. Thankfully, VoIP providers like Freeje are ready to supply the technical requirements required for smart and efficient remote working.

But what makes VoIP so appealing for remote work in the first place? At this point, we all know that its lower costs are one of its most attractive benefits. Although that in itself is enough to drive demand, it’s not the only reason every smart business owner is flocking to it.

Due to the impossibility of setting up a landline on the home of every remote worker, softphones have also been a great selling point.

Learn more about this tech in this article. We’ll also cover why it’s the smarter option compared to landlines.

What is a softphone?

Softphones are phone software that allows users to call people without using an actual phone. The software itself acts as the phone, just like how software mimics the functions of another device. An example of this would be the calculator. Although there’s a tangible version of it, you can also find a version on your phone and computer.

But softphones are software, the capabilities allowed through it extend far beyond what the “real” thing can do.

For one, it’s available on different devices, not just on your computer. In your smartphone, it would come in the form of a business phone number mobile app.

Why should you ditch landlines and upgrade to softphones?

Because of the nature of a softphone, it enjoys a lot of advantages over its predecessor. These advantages help you run your business better:

1. It lets you work wherever you want

With VoIP (the service a softphone activates), the only prerequisite to have it up and running is your internet connection. So for as long as there’s an internet connection, you can be confident that you’d be able to use your softphone. 

This is especially useful if you or your staff is always on the go. For example, real estate agents can’t be expected to stay in the office all the time. But they can still keep in touch with key people there no matter where they are.

But even for people who are working in-office, it could be very useful. Let’s say they’re expecting an important client call but have an entire day full of meetings. Instead of having that client wait, they can just bring the laptop with them during meetings and answer the call on the first ring.

Unfortunately, landlines can’t give you these conveniences. The farthest you can get from it is the length of the cord.

2. It keeps workspaces clean and organized

One of the biggest annoyances with landlines is it’s everywhere. The device itself may be sitting neatly on your desk, but the wires can be unsightly.

So if you’re going for a more organized workspace, having landlines around is definitely not the way to go about it.

Decluttering all this mess takes just one change: softphones. Because these aren’t tangible objects, they don’t take up space at all. Except for the space it takes on your laptop or mobile phone, that is!

3. It lets you retain your privacy

If you’re always on the go, the only way that you can retain your privacy is by getting a work phone. But that doesn’t really sound so appealing, does it? There’s always a chance you’ll forget it then has no access to everyone else within the organization for the entire day.

Because softphones are connected to the internet, you can take them wherever you want. You can just install a VoIP app on your phone and not even think about it.

This is most important if you’re going to be working from home for a while. Instead of giving out your home number, you can just use your VoIP number instead.

4. It has a lot of features

All you can do with landlines is call. That’s about it. Yes, it’s possible to expand its features, but that would necessitate the purchase of additional equipment that costs money and office space.

But with a softphone, this isn’t a concern at all. You can access various features that are part of your VoIP system or get additional features for a fraction of its landline counterpart price.

And with everything on the internet, the possibilities are practically endless! Developers are always working on expanding the line of features available to accommodate the changing needs of the modern workplace.

Landlines are frozen in time, while softphones keep on evolving. Be part of the evolution and make the switch. Softphones are the next step forward for your ever-evolving enterprise.

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