Mobile Penetration Testing Methodology Applied By Hacken

Nowadays the sphere of a mobile environment meets high-security demands. Everyone uses mobile phones and stores loads of personal information on them. No wonder, that cybercriminals are just here to try to steal this data or make other possible damages to businesses and individuals. In order to provide and check security levels, mobile penetration testing was created. The only thing that you need to do is to select a reliable vendor.

A mobile pen test is usually provided for the following reasons:

  • To identify weak points in the mobile apps.
  • To find out from where they can be attacked.
  • To develop the modifications of the design and codes before the release or in the process of utilization. 

The costs for such testing are generally much lower than financial losses that a business may experience after the attack of cybercriminals. Moreover, such attacks damage reputation and provide a range of security problems. Thus, pentesting appears to be a core thing for every developer who wants to be successful in the market.

If you are at the point of looking for a well-known, reliable, and affordable vendor, one of them is Hacken. Our specialists can easily:

  • test the app and existing security measures;
  • provide the fullest support throughout the entire period of testing;
  • discover the weak points that were unknown previously;
  • present the best solutions to stay safe and well-protected.

Furthermore, there will be no inconvenience for users if the app is already presented on the market. As for the company, it’ll enjoy affordable penetration testing pricing and a friendly atmosphere of Hacken expertise.

Security specialists of the company have deep experience in pentesting. Therefore, the clients are always satisfied with the quality and results of the procedure. The team coordinates all the steps of the process and is going to stay in touch after it to be sure that the client is well-protected.

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