Smarty Pins by Google

It seems as Google now even promotes Geographical studies among its users as well. Well not directly but developers inside the Google have created a game called Smarty Pins which they claim to be able to enhance the geographical knowledge of any Google Maps user.

The concept however seems to be very simple yet elegant. What this game does is that they ask you a random question (trivia kind of thing) about a specific location or a specific City or country. To answer the question you have to drop a pin (hence the name: Smarty Pins) on that particular location. You could choose the categories of question you would like to be asked or tested which range from culture, entertainment, foods and even arts as well but let’s make something very clear, it isn’t a game that any 10 year old can win. Eventually, you’re bound to hit upon a hard question and ironically, you’d be most probably tempted to have Googled it to get the right answer.

Talking about Googling it, the sad part is many people claim that developers of Google have got solution to some questions wrong which is sad to say the least. For instance, if you search in Wikipedia then Istanbul is supposed to be the largest city in the world but Google claims it to be London. So who is correct? Let us not start Wikipedia vs Google now shall we?

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