Smart Storage Ideas for Smaller Kitchen

Our kitchens are the smartest places in our houses these days already equipped with a lot of smart appliances and products like refrigerators, microwaves, Roti Makers, toasters, etc You can check detailed Rotimatic usage and features online very easily. To arrange everything in a small kitchen is sometimes a very big task as so many appliances, utensils, as well as crockery, are there to be organized in a way so it can be used daily and without making them look too congested. Here we have some great tips for you to arrange your stuff properly to make your smart kitchen look even smarter.

Add some magnetized racks

No matter how many cabinets you have in your kitchen, you will always get short of storing spaces at the end. Instead of wasting too much time and money on refurbishing it, you can simply add some magnetized racks in your kitchen for storing extra jars and pantry bottles. 

You can simply include the magnetized rack on the sides of your refrigerator or on a tile for storing extra spices, jam bottles, sauces, etc. This magnetized add is easy to add or remove which makes it more convenient to put in a smaller area.

Hanging wall pockets

Handling smaller stuff like sauces packets, spice sachets, chips, and toffees and everything becomes too messy and complicated. These small packets and sachets occupy too much space in your kitchen and you will also end up finding them between various drawers and cabinets. 

These hanging wall pockets will help you include some extra space into your kitchen to keep this small stuff in a single place. Here, you can easily store all your small stuff that does not need to keep in a cabinet or drawer. This helps in saving a lot of space in the kitchen drawers which you can use for storing more important stuff.

Use wire pencil baskets

Having a smaller kitchen is not less than a mission as you have to make the most out of everything there. You have to use everything and each place in a way so it does not ruin your kitchen’s look. Using wire pencil baskets will help you store your containers and bottles in a very convenient form. You can add these wire pencil baskets to the walls which are used less. It will save you from adding any extra shelf in the kitchen, especially when you don’t have enough space left for them. More ideas about kitchen organisation can be found on Rotimatic facebook page

Hanging chips packets

Everyone knows how much space a packet of chips occupies while storing. Storing them is a very tough task especially when you have to store a lot of pantry items in a small kitchen. For your rescue, we have this amazing trick to store these. 

You can office clips for storing them by hanging them on a wire shelf. If you have a wire shelf available in your kitchen, you can put it into good use by putting some office clips onto it which in turn helps you hang your chips packets. And trust me this one is a great trick for saving your space!!

Use the space under your sink

Usually, the space under the sink is the most unutilized area of any kitchen. We often tend to ignore how easily we can use this space for storing things like cleaning items. There are a lot of cleaners we use for different purposes and storing them in one place is another headache. 

Why not put them altogether at a place so we find them whenever we want? You can use the space under the sink for storing all these cleaner items by using extra shelves or retractable drawers.

Using pegboards in a different way

Pegboards are everyone’s favorite when it comes to hanging your stuff. But the way you use a pegboard and where it also matters a lot in a kitchen. Here we will give you an amazing trick to hang your stuff. To get the best results, you can include pegboards at the inside of your cabinet’s doors.

Hanging them inside the doors of the cabinets will help you save a lot of space in a kitchen as well as making your kitchen look less cluttered from the outside. This cool trick will help you organize your stuff in a compact and convenient form. 

Include extra shelving

If you are getting short of storing spaces from extra plates and bowls, you can easily make your shelf more spacious by adding extra shelves inside the shelves. This way, you can utilize the most of the space inside a cabinet without even messily storing them. 

The biggest advantage of having these shelves for storing the items is you can now easily add or remove and plate or bowl without the need of picking all of them together for taking out one single item. 

Storing appliances in an organized form

There are too many appliances in a single kitchen for you to handle like microwave, griller, toasters, Rotimatic roti maker, mixer grinder and many more. The biggest problem arises when you have to put them all together in a single space and in a manner in which you can use all of them without any hindrance.

Try to put all your appliances at the corners or your kitchen so it won’t occupy the space between the kitchen. Another thing you can do for them is to get a shelf or an extra cabinet for storing all of them together with other than the kitchen countertop. 

Buy appliance which is more compact and handy

Today, everyone usually has storing issues in their kitchen so the appliance market is also working upon giving its customers the best products. Try to buy items that are handier and compact which takes less space. Check the reviews of all the products before buying to get the most out of them. 

If you are looking for rotimatic reviews and other ones, you will get the idea of how the consumers are loving these products as they provide the best products in the most compact form and affordable prices. 

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