Six Promo Items Ideal for Technophiles

In a world where a successful marketing campaign lives or dies by page ranks and social media shares, much focus is put on the digital rather than the physical. And while it’s certainly wise to take advantage of new marketing platforms, there is something to be said for the old methods. Take promotional products for example. According to BizPromo, 76% of people will recall the company in question up to a year after receiving a promotional product. That’s an impressive statistic for a marketing method as old as direct mailers.

But despite the fact that the function of promo products has remained the same over the years, that’s no reason they can’t utilize the newest technology. In fact, it’s the most eye-catching items that play into our modern tech-crazy lives which yield the most success when it comes to brand retention. So with that in mind, here are some cool tech toys that all marketers should consider when crafting that new promotional campaign.

USB hub

USB hubs are a good high-tech alternative to the coffee mug, as they make the perfect desktop accessory. They also come in many styles. There are USB “flowers” that contain four or more ports blooming out of a base stand ideal for logo imprinting. There are even USB “robots,” “tangles” and retractable pin adapters.

Cell phone holders/tablet stands

While not high tech per se, there is something to be said for gear accessories. After all, folks in this day and age are practically tethered to their smartphones and tablets. To this end, a holder or stand is the perfect delivery device for company or brand info.

Touch screen stylus

Today’s smartphone owners may be deft when it comes to manipulating that touch screen, but sometimes the task calls for a bit more precision. A plastic touch screen stylus (pen) may seem like a relic of the PDA era at first, but they are lifesavers for those with less than nimble fingers. And at an average of less than $2.00 per unit, they are cost-effective promo products as well.

Bluetooth speaker

Those marketers who really want to make an impression can opt for mini Bluetooth speakers. Not only are they highly relevant for today’s modern professional but the promo models are of increasingly high quality. They possess all of the requisite controls as well as iron casings and, oftentimes, a maximum power of 95 dB.

Audio earbuds

Whether it’s listening to MP3s or taking part in a conference call, earbuds are a good all-purpose audio gift. The input jack will fit most smartphones and audio players, and the brand or logo can be printed right on the cord cover.

AC mobile charger

All those tech accessories are for naught if the device in question has no power. An AC mobile charger is the perfect portable gift for anyone who likes to keep their smartphone or music player juiced up. The cube frame of the item also presents the perfect surface area in which to print company info.

In the end, as technologically gets ever smaller and cheaper, marketers will have more and more options in which to craft a promo product campaign. And even if many of these items cost more than a pen or keychain, it is worth it to ensure the item makes an impression, thus increasing the recall rate and putting the company or brand name front and center in the prospect’s mind.

Editor’s Note: Emily Simmons is a professional blogger that shares his advice on laser cutting techniques and machines. He writes for Trotec Laser, where you can purchase the best laser cutters and engraving machines.

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