Joomla As The Preferred CMS Choice For Any Web Design Company

Before the concept of Joomla can be discussed, it is important that you get acquainted with the features and concepts of content management system. The very existence of Joomla is dependent on its utility as a content management system platform. In simple terms, you can describe CMS as software that is used to manage the content of a website online. A basic factor defining the CMS is the possibility of multiple administrators to edit contents on the web without any conflict. The considerable numbers of platforms that have been introduced in the recent years have made it difficult to select one that complements your needs.

Choosing a CMS Type

When you are choosing a CMS platform, there are some considerations that you need to deliberate on. The first determinant is your need. Depending on the kind of website you want to create, you have to select your system. The very next query you should ask is the probability of the platform providing you support and extensibility as your needs grow. An important fact of selecting a content management system is determining the complexity of the procedure. Whether you are associated with a web design company or a newbie, it is important to choose a system that will be easy to handle.

Preference for Joomla

Some of the most popular website platform is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and a few others. Among these, Joomla is fast becoming the most preferred choice for powering diverse kinds of websites. Some of these are,

  • Small business oriented websites

  • Corporate portals

  • E-commerce websites

  • Online magazines, publications and newspapers

  • Corporate based intranet and extranets

  • Community portals

  • Multimedia websites

  • Organizational websites for schools, colleges, churches

Although there is a need of additional information and documentation for setting up a website on Joomla, the platform is more robust that compared to others.

Features of the Platform

If you are deliberating on using Joomla as your choice of content management system, then it is important that you understand the features this platform provides to a web design company.

  • Users Management

  • Media Manager

  • Language Manager

  • Contact Management

  • Banner Management

  • Poll Creation

  • Providing Search Statistics

  • Content Management

  • Web Link Management

  • Syndication Management

  • Structuring the Menu and its items

  • Creating Integrated Support System

  • Management of templates

  • Extensive Web Services

  • Powerful Extensibility

The integration of all these features together makes the platform extremely favored by the companies and corporate sectors. This is because of the dynamic character of the system that provides the opportunity for growth and accumulation of a multitude of features.

Advanced Developer Options

Any web design company loves to work with the Joomla because of flexibility and availability that the platform affords you. If you are a developer, there are advanced ways in which you can use the content management system. The framework of the Joomla will enable experienced developers to build a number of features like,

  • Tools for data reporting

  • Systems for inventory control

  • Application bridges

  • Integrated e-commerce websites

  • Customized product catalogues

  • Communication tools

  • Multifaceted business directories

  • Reservation systems

Based on PHP and MySQL, the Joomla provides you with applications that can be used over an open platform with the purpose of utilizing, sharing and supporting the contents.

Advantages of the Joomla

Although selecting an appropriate CMS platform can be difficult, having an idea of your needs can guide you to make the correct choice. If your need specifications include creating a network with membership options, forums, comments, multimedia and articles, then Joomla could be the ideal and affordable choice. The content management system is quite easy to install with an extensive collection plug-ins. Regarded as an open source solution, Joomla is secure and compatible with search engine. One of its most exciting features is the affordability of setting up the Joomla Content management system.

Editor’s Note: Samuel Matthews has an extensive experience of being associated with a renowned web design company. Among his specialties are a creative and professional ability to design websites on a variety of content management systems like HTML, Joomla and WordPress. He loves to write tutorials and articles on web designing on his personal blog.

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