Six Best Hiking Trails That You Should Not Miss When Travelling To Colorado!

From lush green forest to the breathtaking mountains, Colorado has everything for you. The mountains are famous for a variety of outdoor activities. Also it the most amazing place which is popular for its natural beauty and hiking trails.

With high hills, water streams and deserts of Colorado Plateau, there are so many hiking trails to please you. Apart from hiking it also has many attraction places that kids and elders love to see.

Are you planning to visit some exciting place in your vacations?

If yes, then Colorado is the best. Here is the list of best hiking trails in the place that you can add in your list. Have a look!

Ice Castle:

If you ever wish to visit the fairy tale place, then Ice Castle is what you can visit. It’s completely a place like a fairy tale.  There you able to see the world’s best man-made beauties, made up of more than 25,000 tons of pure ice. But, it is available only in winters as in summers ice start melt. Therefore it is the best hiking trail to visit during winters.  

You can reach this point by tracking or by vehicle. If you are an adventure lover and is in search of hiking trail similar to Ouray Colorado jeep trails then reach here by foot. The trail is all around cover with beautiful flora and fauna.

Mount Elbert hiking trail:

It is one of the highest peaks in Colorado and the second highest in 48 states. You can reach this amazing place by any of the five routes. Select the best appealing and safe route for you and your family to explore the highest peak.

When you reach the top, the view of the area is just spectacular. It is not as tough as it sounds to reach there. You can easily climb it up with care.

Sharkstooth Trail

These La Plata Mountains are present in southern Colorado and anyone can reach there from the track near the small town of Mancos. The Sharkstooth trail the best to explore the chain of distinct peaks in Colorado. Throughout your way of hiking, you will see water streams, beautiful wildflowers and more natural vegetation that will make your journey more happening.

Ice Lake Basin:

Ice Lake Basin is known for its deep ice blue color of water. During winters this amazing lake freezes and reflects rays of the sun, that makes it look like shine like a diamond. The path of this trail is covered with green forest and beautiful waterfalls. It is perfect for photography.

Flowers that you will see in the way to hiking trail are Canada violet, sego lily, sulfur flower, American vetch, green gentian, etc. Further, the wildflowers, alpine lakes, and mountains in your way to ice basin will make your day.

Brown Canyon National Monument:

Brown Canyon consists of a riparian corridor, stunning rock spires, and granite cliffs. It features a beautiful unique ecosystem for you. You can get the experience of world-class fishing in Arkansas River which comes in way to this hiking trail.

The variety of vegetation in such a small space make Browns Canyon National Monument unique and attractive place.

Longs Peak

At a height of 14,255 feet, Longs Peak is the 13th highest hill in the state. When you reach its highest point you can feel the beauty of nature, this gives you peace of mind. So, get the experience of its amazing and unpredictable weather that will change your mood and make you stress-free. The trail is well-marked and gets crowded in summers.

So, visit Colorado and get out of daily boring yet stressed life. This will give you lifetime memories. Plan vacations now!

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