5 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Make Acne Breakouts Worse

Acne is the worst of all skin problems. Anyone at any age can get breakouts. People with an occasional stress-induced pimple or with chronic acne, always try to find some ways to get rid of breakouts. Some try home remedies; some follow other person’s advice to treat the pimple. Are you worrying that instead of doing so much your breakouts are still there?

You know acne treatment mistakes are common and you might not even know that you’re committing them. And, this is the reason that your acne breakouts getting worse than ever.

Here are the top five common acne treatment mistakes that you should avoid.

Overdoing Face Scrubbing

Many people with winter acne feel that if they wash or scrub their face regularly, their pimples get to heal. Unfortunately, it is not true. Too much scrub on the face may worsen the breakouts. Further, this can irritate sensitive facial skin, making it rough. So, don’t use acne scrubs too much, if you want to use consult a doctor and use them according to their recommendations.

Squeezing Pimples

People often squeeze every new pimple on their face, in the thought that it won’t come again. Squeezing pimples can lead to scar or infection, or worsen acne breakouts.

How it cause breakouts?

Acne pustules are extended deep into the skin, and when you squeeze them cause long-term redness and a permanent impression on the skin. Therefore try to not to touch or squeeze any pimple, rather consult acne dermatologist near you.

Using Unhygienic Products

Things like expired creams, unnecessary products, and dirty towels can hamper your skin and can lead to acne. So, avoid them and use fresh products. Do not buy anything without lable. For towels, use germ-free and bacteria detecting towels. You can look at companies like Mizu for buying these hygienic and skin-friendly towels. Mizu’s color changing stips detect the dirt, sweat and residual soap that left in the body. Moreover, it drys 3x faster than other normal towels and makes the perfect piece to help you stay clean and healthy.

Avoiding Moisturizers

Since acne often related to oily skin, people think that avoiding moisturizers would be good for their skin. However, applying moisturizer after washing face is important even if you’re prone to breakouts. This is because the moisturizer helps loosen the fluid that builds inside your pores and help in some relief from acne.

But, choose the moisturizer carefully; always buy according to your skin type.

Using Wrong Skin Products

People often buy products with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur, to treat their acne. But after using some find more breakouts. Why does this happen? It is because all products work differently on different people skin. So, don’t use the wrong products on your skin by yourself. First, consult acne doctor, and use only prescribed products. The doctor has more knowledge in treating any skin problem and acne is one of them.

Using Many Products At a time

People, who have stressed out acne or chronic pimples, buy too many acne products from the market. They buy products like face wash, moisturizer, night cream, sunscreen, and other acne related products Also; use all of them in a day in order to get rid of them. But, using too many products on the skin causes more breakouts. This is because these products consist of harmful chemicals that worsen the skin pimples.

Therefore, try to avoid using too many skin products on your face. Make less use of makeup on the face. it is better to stick to one product prescribed you buy your dermatologist.

Final words

By avoiding the above acne treatment mistakes, you can control your acne breakouts. If you’re still experiencing breakouts, don’t hesitate to call a dermatologist for treatment advice such as specialists in platelet-rich plasma skin treatment from Sydney.

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