Planning a Fun and Safe Party

Party planning can be stressful. Sure, throwing a small get-together can be a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing, but bigger and more exciting parties require more in-depth planning. From big college fraternity parties to Sweet 16 parties, from engagement parties to anniversary parties, throwing a big blowout bash is an art.

Making sure that everything at your big party happens in the safest possible way is also an art. We don’t always think of parties as having much to do with legal liability, but the reality is that we have to be smart about how we throw our epic ragers.

Yes, your party can land you in legal hot water

Parties don’t usually end with the cops breaking things up or people filing lawsuits (at least, most parties we go to don’t — maybe your life is more exciting!). Still, some do, and hosts need to be smart about how they throw their parties.

Let’s start with the obvious: You must never have anyone underage at a party with alcohol flowing freely. Parents who want to be “cool” about teenage parties tend to get arrested, and kids who throw ragers when their parents are out of town are going to be in trouble with both the cops and Mom and Dad. So don’t do it!

But even if everyone is of age, you could end up throwing a party that has legal consequences, explain the experts at a personal injury law firm in Canada. In Canada (and in the United States), you could get hit with a personal injury suit if someone is injured because of your negligence. That can mean a lot of different things, and when people are on your property (and drinking alcohol), injuries can happen. Be aware of your liability.

You may or may not be responsible for the actions of others after they leave your party. Drunken driving can land party guests in jail (or in the morgue), and even if you are not personally responsible from a legal perspective, you have a clear moral obligation to help your guests get home safe and keep menaces off of the road.

So what can you do to keep your party safe? Here are a few tips.

How to keep your party fun and safe

Planning the perfect blowout party takes a lot of preparation. You’ll have to set the theme, order the party supplies*, send out the invitations (to the ideal guest list that you’ve carefully prepared), and clean up before and after the party, to name just a few of your many responsibilities. As you handle all of this planning, be sure to spare some time to think about safety, too.

When you’re stocking the alcohol for your party, bring enough for everyone — but don’t neglect the supply of non-alcoholic drinks and mixers, too. Help your guests help you by giving them lots of ways to pace themselves!

Be sure to supply lots of food, too. Nothing will send your party off the rails quite as quickly as a wide selection of highly alcoholic drinks with no food to temper their effects. Don’t have your guests drinking on empty stomachs.

Your preparation should also involve party-proofing your apartment or house. That means stashing valuables and breakables away from the places where potentially clumsy party guests will be. It also means clearing out spaces where foot traffic will be heavy. If it’s humanly possible to trip over something, then that something should be removed!

Finally, offer your guests options for getting home. Offer to call cabs, supply car service phone numbers, or for your extravagant guests you can opt for limo services such as, and, if you can, allow intoxicated guests to sleep it off in your space. Do everything you can to keep drunken drivers off the streets, and your party will be as safe as it is memorable.

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