Outsourcing Options for Your Digital Business

There are a number of reasons why digital business owners should consider outsourcing some duties. It’s cheaper in many cases than staff expenses and office costs. It can also expedite the startup process, because business owners aren’t consumed with things like marketing plans, interviewing and hiring staff, or fixing operational glitches. Outsourcing responsibilities in departments such as human resources, IT services and marketing enables business owners to benefit from professional services while focusing on customer satisfaction and company growth.

Human Resources

For new companies with tight budgets and minimal manpower, human resources tasks  can be challenging if not overwhelming. Human resources encompasses hiring, compliance and payroll-related tasks. Companies must track expenses, pay employees, and develop and implement budgets. Today businesses can choose between outsourcing all human resources duties or just a few, tailoring the outsourcing relationship to their specific needs. To handle budgets and finances there is a specialized ecommerce accounting service. Business owners can also receive financial planning advice and have their inventory monitored.

All companies are expected to follow clearly established laws and guidelines in their hiring and operating practices. Human resource departments ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are in compliance with applicable regulations for their industry. For example, outsourcing companies establish how to implement policies, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Instead of hiring an individual to research the matter on their own and draft recommendations, contracting outsourcing services enables companies to receive direction from professionals who have already researched the new laws and can quickly advise the company on required operating changes.

IT Services

In order to compete in today’s global market, companies must have an effective presence online. This involves more than simply creating a website using a generic template. As technology changes, so-called white-label companies can stay on top of the latest developments to ensure that services are up to date. There are a number of IT services that companies can benefit from outsourcing:

1) The intricate layers in web design involve services from several different professionals. Analysts may do an evaluation to identify your business software needs while designers determine how a site will look and function.

2) When customers visit your website and press on a button, you want them to be taken to the right page. This is where front-end developers come in. They ensure everything that a person interacts with on a website leads them to the right place or provides the right information.

3) Site-based companies also need authoritative content optimized to ensure their site can be located through the right search terms. But old bricks-and-mortar fields, such as doctors who outsource medical SEO services, have found they need it as well. Audience development professionals monitor web traffic and ensure that the intended customers can find your website quickly and easily so that your business will grow.

4) When a customer orders an item or tries to log in to a restricted portion of a website, such as their account, they expect a smooth process that lets them gain access to the data they need or purchase the product they want. This is made possible by back-end developers. If a front-end developer is the decorator, than the back-end developer is the builder. Their job is to make a site’s systems work properly, and this is crucial to a business’s successful web presence.


Marketing services can be outsourced to companies, enabling small business owners to acquire professional services without hiring staff they may not yet need. They ensure the best promotional campaign possible without being too expensive. Digital businesses, such as medical businesses, are finding this enables them to receive immediate feedback on how marketing efforts are performing, which is allowing marketing campaigns to adapt quickly to capitalize on successful strategies.

Outsourced marketing teams are more efficient because they already know how to navigate different social media sites, such as YouTube and Instagram. Successful social media managing requires near-constant attention and the repackaging of content. By bringing on a full-service outside partner, smaller companies who only have the capacity to hire a single marketing person are better able to compete in crunch time. Instead of researching the sites before developing material and an evaluation system, an outsourced marketing crew can begin crafting appropriate content for each venue immediately and already knows how to determine if the campaign is effective or not.

Due to the recent proliferation of specialized web-based services, any new digital business needs to weigh the advantages of outsourcing any number of key tasks.

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