One million Motorola devices sold within 5 months

Looks like the “now Lenovo owned” Motorola has placed its foot into the stack in the Indian market comfortably and is slowly taking up the whole space as well.

This is because just within 5 months, over a million Motorola devices were sold in India with Moto G becoming the best phone Motorola has ever manufactured till date. There is now breakup of how many devices were sold individually within this period of time.

However it wouldn’t be right to give the entire credit to Motorola, Flipkart should be given credit as well as they happen to be an important supplier of the new Moto smartphones. To know how much credit they should be given for this success of Motorola, consider this fact: at one point of time, around 20000 units of Motorola smartphones were sold out in just 15 minutes. A seller like that should be given credit after all!

Also Motorola shouldn’t forget to thank Lenovo as well for its success.

With the current budget allowing mobiles to become cheaper and available to a larger section of people, only time can tell how Motorola can fare in the future as other Indian brands are getting nothing but better in making smartphones which are also often cheaper than most imported brands.

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