No Zero Roulette Guide

The ability to win and minimize risks often depends on a clear understanding of the mechanics of playing in a casino. Many are convinced that the owners of online casinos use all possible tricks to win. However, this is not true if you choose a reliable casino. An example is But still, owners of casinos always have profit. But how do the creators of such services manage to maintain an advantage in the popular roulette without zero? Professional gambling houses use 2 main methods:

  1. They take additional commissions for the fact that a player puts on equal chances. At the same time, the odds do not change and remain the same as in traditional European casinos. The size of these commissions depends on how limited the bids themselves are. The gaming service leaves itself 0.1-10 $ from each bet. Although every institution takes care of winning, you should not be afraid of unfair play. The integrity of the organizers is guaranteed by the technology of MD5 control.
  2. If a player bets on equal chances and wins, he is paid only half of the winnings. Although there are no hidden commissions, a loss of 50% will be noticeable at large rates. In addition, players rarely bet on the right external sector.

Looking at these points, every mathematician will tell you that the advantage of a casino under such conditions will be higher than in French or European roulette. But the player is not threatened with a 100% loss in the event of zero. With large bets, this is important for a successful game. There are frequent cases when zero drops several times in a row. It is impossible to predict this. Not a single professional will take risks, constantly betting on zero. With a long game, the loss of zero significantly reduces the chances of a big win. The absence of such a sector reduces the risk for the player.

Benefits of No Zero Roulette Online

Is it worth playing roulette without zero online? You can do this in the following cases:

  • The online casino has all the necessary checks or uses the MD5 algorithm;
  • A gambling house takes a small commission without decreasing the odds;
  • Game strategy is based on the impossibility of falling Zero.

No Zero Roulette Tips

Those who count on a long session betting small amounts per round are advised to choose European roulette or its French version. In roulette without zero, commissions for the same period of time can be too large.

But players who bet large amounts to increase them many times can choose roulette without zero. This will reduce risks and protect during a short session with 2-4 rates.

But roulette without zero will not be particularly necessary if you make a minimum bet on zero in each game. For example, putting $ 15 on red, do not forget to put $ 1 on zero to guarantee yourself a win in case of an unfavorable outcome. It is advised to bet part of the money on zero for everyone who prefers to play big. 

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