Top Android Free Apps You Can’t Miss 

Are you a fan of applications? If yes then you must not miss out on the applications that are making the news all the time. Yes, there are some wonderful applications on android that can get you a phenomenal experience. These apps are free and excellent.

In this post you would get to know about a few of the apps that you should definitely give a try. You never know which app turns out to be a delight for you. Keep on reading to know more about these apps.


It is a video downloading app and it helps the users to stream and download all the videos and movies they like. The app is excellent in terms of its performance, usability, safety and ease. The app connects you with so many platforms like Facebook, Tumbler, Dailymotion, Instagram, YouTube and so many others. Also, the app gets you the formats and resolutions that you like. You can get mp4, 3gp, FLV, AVI and so on. The app is also known as HD video downloader. Hence, you get an experience that is fulfilling and free of cost. The UI would also make sure that you have a great time.  you should do Vidmate download and give it a try.


There are so many automation apps that claim to be powerful and effective but they are not at all user friendly.  You should consider Automate for a more approachable experience. It is an app that makes use of visual, flowchart-based interface to make your own custom-designed scripts.  The app brags about more than three hundred diverse task building blocks that can encompass event triggers, actions, loops and more. The users can easily arrange such blocks in a flowchart sort to easily visualize the creations. 


Though there are so many fitness apps out there, it is different. This is an app that focuses on holistic body fitness along with mind improvement.  It is an amazing self-improvement app that aims at upgrading body and mind to help make you feel amazing. This app is formed on scientific principles and hatched in Duke’s Behavioural Economics Lab; the app starts you out with simple aims like trying to get sleep, lose weight, or enhance your concentration. Fabulous aids with simple exercises, scheduled notifications, and different kinds of activities, and much more.The app is free of cost and you are going to love it once you try it.


It is a chatting and calling platform that allows you to talk to your friends and loved ones from anywhere and anytime. You just need internet connectivity and you are good to go. The app allows you to have conferences and group talks too. You can have a happy video chat with your partner or you can even supervise your kids in a talk through video calling of Skype. You can even record the calls on this platform.  The app is free and easy to use and absolutely safe. 


So, you can get all these apps from third party play store named 9apps. These are wonderful apps that are sure to get you a great time and experience. Make sure you try out these. 

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