No need to wear spects to watch TV

Perhaps you may have faced a situation in which you forgot to bring your glasses to the movie theatre when you go to watch the movies, or in least, you forgot to wear your glasses while you were watching your tv. And even if none of the above happened to you, just accept these two situations because the next paragraph has something in store for you guys wearing spects.

Well, what if there were a TV or a device with such a display screen which would automatically adjust according to your eyes so that you wouldn’t need glasses to see them? That would be great wouldn’t it? And this is exactly what engineers and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology are up to and looks like they are not far from becoming successful in this.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are making vision correction the job of your device’s display technology, eliminating the need for corrective lenses.

According to a report by the MIT Technology Review, past attempts to do such a thing have led to crisp, sharp high-definition imaging, although they haven’t succeeded in adapting to individual vision requirements until now.

In the technology, a given optical prescription is processed by means of algorithms and a light filter in front of the display.

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