Freedom to surf the internet

Perhaps at some point of time, you had wished for some way to do something in the internet without disclosing your ip address. And you wished dearly if only there were a way to do this possible. Well, it is possible now as you have Freedom to surf the internet without disclosing your ip address.

“When you connect to the Internet, your device is assigned a unique IP address. Freedom masks your IP, so you can surf anonymously under the protective F-Secure Cloud. All that is precious -– from identity to location -– stay hidden and private,” F-Secure Country Manager (India and SAARC) Amit Nath was found stating.

“With Connection Protection, government officials and any regular user can stay anonymous, shielded wherever you go. While using WiFi, your traffic is encrypted so nobody can tap into your communications” he added.

“Our users are totally anonymous from start to finish -– even from us. We are a security company, but we don’t believe security should come at the expense of privacy,”.

When it comes down to the efficiency of the application, then the company claims that the app enables users mask their IP address and hide their real location. It further claimed that this app is an ideal choice to counter cyber snooping.

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  1. Thanks for this blog post. I found it interesting. I’ve been using They do offer free VPN, but the free VPN I found could be quite slow. Their paid service is quite fast and I haven’t experienced any downtime. I might have to check out the VPN service that you recommend though. VPN works well for me as I can get the US Netflix here in Canada. I have a blog on Internet security and privacy issues and am always interested in seeing blogs in the same niche.

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