Managed Services Take IT Worries Out Of Business

Regardless of the industry, managed services can save businesses time, money and worry. Using managed services provides your business or company with information technology specialist that manages your infrastructure, network and security with added benefits including regular software and security updates, 24 hour tech support and help desk, and backups of all your critical data. Managed security also include training for employees to help keep your business running smoothly.

Not only does managed services allow businesses to pay for only what they need, it spreads the cost of you IT (information technology) through out the year as a monthly subscription. You have trained specialist dedicated to your business needs, your network and every device on your network. In addition to 24, 7 remote support, you also get emergency on site support as well as monthly visits. Your managed services provider is your business partner helping to drive your success.

If you are in the financial industry, your managed services professionals will design your IT environment to protect your company from breaches and cyber attacks as well to protect you from compliance oversights. This protects your reputation and avoid your paying fines for non-compliance. You never lose data even if the network or server goes down because your data is protected in the cloud.

Those in medicine and health care are aware of the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that protect patient health information. It is the national standards that include doctors, dentist, schools, hospitals and organizations that provide healthcare services, even government agencies. Violations can lead to fines over a million dollars and healthcare providers can lose their licenses. Your managed service provider looks at the way you collect, store and house your data and fix any issue they find as well as make sure your network meet HIPAA compliance standards.

Even those in the legal profession can use experts in security and compliance. Manage services can protect law firms and attorneys from data loss, ransomware, viruses and hacking. Having IT designed specifically for your business, your network, your software and your security by a network engineer ensure productivity. You also have a chief information officer to consult and help implement projects to help you be more effective and efficient with no IT worries.

In the manufacturing industry, things are changing just as fast (if not faster) in technology innovations. The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing) and automation brings with them new challenges. The IIoT promises to put manufacturing data in the hands of corporate officers in real time. Put all your worries about your network and potential IT issues in the hands of your managed services provider. They will handle your potential IT issues with 24, 7 rapid response and can spots issues before they can affect production. You have less potential for downtime with managed services maintaining your technology assets.

Managed services offer so many benefits. You have professional information technology and security specialist that handle many of the worries that come with doing business. You will receive industry standards grade security and compliance, a guarantee of that your network and software is always up to date and 24, 7 support. You gain the ability to compete with big businesses that can afford an IT department. New services and programs are easily integrated into your current infrastructure. Your IT cost is decreased and spread over the year as monthly payments. You have more time to stay focused on your core business and an opportunity to step up your game.

Regardless of the industry, managed services has a lot to offer your company. If you are in need of full time IT and security specialist but don’t have the budget for the personnel, partnering with a managed services provider gives you what you need at a lower price. You are sure to be up to professional standards and in compliance. Your are assured of having your network and technology tailored for your specific business needs, concerns and issues. You, your staff and employees will be trained to keep your data and network safe and will have support at your beck and call. Issues can be resolved before they cause a problem. With your data backed up in the cloud, recovery is easy. Contact a managed service provider to discuss how they can best serve you.

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