Looking Good Girl: 10 Key Beauty Tips for Girls

Us women are always looking for new ways to look great. Sometimes, all of the different beauty treatments and regimens out there can seem overwhelming.

No need to fear! We’ve compiled ten of the best beauty tips for girls right here in this article. Read on to hear how you can use unexpected household items to vamp up your look. 

1. Applying Perfume

There are many different philosophies on the use of perfume, but no matter what your fragrance preference is, there are some steadfast rules for exactly how to apply perfume. 

One method is the spritz and stride method. Spray your perfume in front of you and then walk right through it. This should leave you with just a hint of scent, meaning you won’t need to worry about whether you’ve applied too much!

2. Dry Shampoo

They say that it’s better to wash your hair only a few times a week. But how do you stave off greasy roots between washes?

Well, meet your new best friend: dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a powder or quickly-drying formula that absorbs the oils in your hair, leaving it looking dry and clean even days after a wash!

Simply spray the dry shampoo on your roots and massage it in until all of the oil is absorbed.

No time to run to the store? Try using baby powder in a pinch instead!

3. DIY Hair Mask

Hair feeling limp or dry? Try making your own hair mask to get things moving again. For example, mixing strawberries with an egg yolk and some olive oil will add some serious shine to your hair. 

Why an egg yolk? The proteins found in the raw yolk will help strengthen your locks to prevent damage or breaking

4. Vaseline

Vaseline is the ultimate beauty multitasker. Here are several ways you can use this versatile substance:

On Your Brows

Eyebrow hair is notoriously difficult to tame. If you’re not having any luck getting your brows to stay put, add some vaseline to lock them into place (and add some extra shine!)

For Hair Dye

If you’ve ever dyed your hair, you’re probably familiar with the odd staining that can occur around your hairline or ears if you’re not careful. To prevent this, try a thin coat of vaseline along the sides of your face and ears to keep the dye away from your skin. 

For Your Skin

Vaseline is most commonly used as a moisturizer. But here’s a helpful hint for those who are dealing with some seriously dry skin: try adding vaseline on top of your normal moisturizer before heading to bed. The vaseline will seal in the moisture and keep your moisturizer from evaporating or rubbing off on your sheets.

5. Hair Removal Systems

There are tons of different ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. But which method is right for you?


Shaving is definitely the easiest way to get rid of body hair. It’s easy to learn and can be accomplished during your showers, so it’s easy to work into your routine. 

That said, shaving doesn’t last long and you can end up going through razors pretty quickly, so it’s not for everyone. 


Waxing is definitely a bit more intimidating than shaving, as it involves a fair amount of discomfort. But once you’ve suffered through the wax, you’ll notice that you have silky smooth skin for up to a month! No pain, no gain. 

Other Methods

There are certainly other ways to deal with body hair, from hair removal creams to laser hair removal. Check out this helpful guide for more information. 

6. Vitamin C for Anti-Aging

If you’re trying to keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free, it’s time to invest in a product with vitamin C. While orange juice may not do the trick, a good serum with vitamin C as an active ingredient can make a huge difference in your skin’s aging process.

Vitamin C also helps your skin’s regeneration rate, meaning that you’ll notice dark spots from acne or other damage disappear much more quickly. Over time, you’ll start to notice that your skin is glowing and radiant!

7. A Clean Slate for Makeup

If you’re a big makeup wearer, this is one of the most important beauty tips to keep in your skillset.

It’s tempting to wake up and immediately start applying foundation. But just like an artist preps their canvas, you need to prep your skin so your makeup sticks just the way you want it to. 

Take the time to wash your face, dry it gently, and apply a moisturizer (with SPF!) and primer before applying foundation. You’ll notice a smoother application process and a longer wear time. Totally worth the extra time commitment!

8. Heat Up Your Makeup

This is another must-know makeup trick. If you’re struggling to apply mascara smoothly, try warming up the tube a little bit before applying.

No need to bother with a microwave (which might melt the packaging). Instead, try sticking the mascara in the band of your bra or the waistband of your pants while you apply the rest of your face. That way, when it’s time to add the finishing touches, your tube of mascara will be warmed up and ready to go. 

9. Contour for a More Natural Look

When it comes to concealer and foundation, it can be difficult to get a natural-looking application while still maintaining the level of coverage you want. 

That’s where contouring comes in! In addition to your normal foundation, invest in a lighter and darker shade so that you can highlight and contour your face.

Try adding a highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, and chin, while adding contour beneath your cheekbones, under your chin and jawline, and on the sides of your nose. 

10. Color Correction

You might think that color correction is only for photos, but think again! Red spots or dark marks are sometimes better covered by green, yellow, or purple concealer prior to applying your foundation.

Why? Red and green are polar opposites, so by adding a bit of green to a red spot, the two colors cancel each other out and are more easily covered by a nude foundation. 

More Beauty Tips for Girls

These are only a smattering of the many, many tips out there to help you look your best. But ultimately, the most important thing is to love yourself for who you are, in your own skin. 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to up your beauty game, check out our other blog posts!

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