Life Events That Call For a Cruise Celebration

Sydney Harbour cruises really are the most unforgettable and exciting experiences imaginable! Whether you’re visiting Sydney for the very first time and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, or you’re a true local who’s hunting for a little home-bound excitement, ferry cruises are the perfect way to soak up the city and celebrate significant occasions throughout the year. If you’re feeling tempted to book yourself onto one of the most beautifully memorable experiences possible but you’re not quite sure what kind of occasion you want to throw on your boat, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are the events that you can absolutely celebrate out on the water, and a couple of planning tips to help you put together the best day or night possible…

Wedding Ceremony, Reception or Transport 

Racking your brain for an original, magical wedding venue that stands out from the crowd? A cruise out on the Sydney Harbour is your perfect setting for your big day! Glittering ocean, a stunning horizon, and beautiful natural scenery will envelop your day and give you the most gloriously romantic atmosphere, not to mention the photos! You can book a vessel for the ceremony, reception, after-party, picture session, or even as a means of transport between point A and point B. No matter what you’re planning on using your boat for, it’s the unique setting that you’ve been searching for. 

School Formal 

School formals can be so tricky to organize, particularly when students are busy trying to make it through their last couple of years of high school – you’ve got enough on your plate! A Sydney Harbour cruise is such a brilliant solution as you’re securing yourself perfect pictures, catering, a DJ and all the tech you might need to put on some fun presentations or do end of year speeches! Book a package event and you won’t have to pay your budget a second thought!

Australia Day 

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Australia Day? Booking a harbour cruise is great because you get to be amongst all the action of the ferry races, air shows, and musical displays whilst still staying sociable and relaxed! You can search for BYO options to enjoy your beverages of choice whilst you soak up the summer sun and the buzzing atmosphere all around you. 

Boxing Day 

Boxing Day can be a tricky one, you’re exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the festive season, you’re lethargic from all of the classic indulgences but you still want to make the most out of the magical time of year. Enter a Boxing Day cruise! Getting out on the harbour is a perfect bit of family fun that everyone is going to enjoy. Breathe in the healthy air, enjoy the warmth and get invested in the iconic Sydney to Hobart ferry race that’s literally happening right in front of you – what more could you ask for, really!

New Year’s Eve 

The biggest night of the year can often be the most disappointing, that’s no secret – so what if you can guarantee a comfortable, fun, and exciting night that will live up to every new year’s hope you’ve ever had? Well, with a Sydney Harbour cruise, that’s just what you get! New Year’s Eve cruises are by no means cheap, but you’re literally going to get the best New Year’s that you could possibly dream up. With front row seats to the fireworks, music, dancing, drinks, dinner, and plenty of other families and groups to mingle with, you’ll have the time of your life without the drag and expense of busy bars or extortionate restaurants. 

Hen’s or Buck’s Party

A Hen’s or Buck’s calls for some serious fun, and what better way to stun the bride or groom to be than with a party out on the harbour? You can book a BYO cruise and set sail in the summer sun, with plenty of gear ready for presentations, speeches, games, and anything else you could possibly need to have an awesome day celebrating the special individual. 

Are you ready to secure yourself the best venue for any and all of your big events coming up on that social calendar? Get searching for Sydney harbour cruises to find the right fit for you!

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