How To Tell If Your Car’s Wheel Alignment Is Off

The alignment of your car’s wheels is adjustable to fine-tune your handling. Unfortunately, this also means that your wheels can be improperly aligned. Find out how to tell if your wheels are properly aligned, the symptoms of a bad MAF sensor, and other essential maintenance tasks today.

Have you noticed any issues with your car’s handling? If you’re driving on a straight road and your vehicle pulls to one side, there’s a good chance that your alignment is off. Another way to tell if it’s off is to check the wear pattern on your tires. Finally, reduced fuel economy can also be a sign that it’s time to align your wheels.

A bad MAF sensor can also result in poor fuel economy. This essential sensor communicates with your engine control unit to adjust the amount of fuel mixed with air to achieve optimal engine operation.

Why Testing Your Wheel Alignment Is Important

Improperly aligned wheels will cause your tires to wear unevenly, reducing their lifespan. Not only can it affect the life of your tires and your handling, but poor alignment can also reduce your fuel economy.

As you drive on a straight road, check to see if your vehicle is pulling to the left or right. Listen for sounds of squealing tires as well, as this can be a sign that your tires aren’t aligned correctly. Another common sign is when your steering wheel needs to be turned to one side in order to drive in a straight line.

These issues won’t go away with an oil change, new tires or a new tank of gas. Pick up the Chevy Silverado auto parts and tools necessary to adjust the alignment in your own garage. Aligning your tires can be difficult without the right tools, but an alignment guide makes it easy to measure your current alignment and adjust it.

Once you restore your alignment, you should notice a clear difference in terms of handling, fuel economy, and tire life. You may need to replace your current tires due to uneven wear, but your next set should be ready to drive with proper alignment.

Where To Find New Chevy Silverado Auto Parts

Shop online or at your nearest auto parts store to enjoy replacement parts for our Chevy Silverado or other vehicle. When you shop online, you don’t have to worry about verifying whether the parts you select are compatible with your vehicle. Simply enter your VIN or the make, model and year of your vehicle to automatically search for vehicle-specific components.

Your local auto parts specialist has the same capabilities at a nearby store. Speak to a customer service agent and discuss your automotive issue to find affordable parts that match your vehicle. Your nearby customer service agent can assist you with troubleshooting the issue and comparing different brands of replacement parts.

Search online for a free Chevy Avalanche wheel alignment repair guide and other how-to resources to make the most of your replacement parts. Take on a DIY maintenance task with confidence when you order the right parts, use the right tools and have the right repair resources.

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